Friday, July 1, 2011

BlogFest 2011 - A Wrap Up! + And The Winner of the Giveaway Is...

From June 15-30, I've featured lots of awesome blogs from the blogosphere. If your blog wasn't featured, that doesn't mean it's not awesome. 

Later on this post I'll be announcing the winner of our mini-giveaway on my PunchTab review.

So, to sum up our BlogFest, we have featured and posted reviews of 30 blogs. They are as follows:

Featured Blogs

  1. Basic Blog Tips [June 15]
  2. Engage: The Blog [June 15]
  3. Trending Poetry [June 16]
  4. Princessa's Royal Pink Diary [June 16]
  5. Brick Marketing Blog [June 17]
  6. The Bad Blogger [June 17]
  7. Raw Food Health Watch [June 18]
  8. Authopublisher [June 18]
  9. Find All Answers [June 19]
  10. eFlowerTips [June 19]
  11. Photo Mystic [June 20]
  12. Michael J. Weiss Law Office Blog [June 20]
  13. Jack Humphrey Internet Marketing [June 21]
  14. How To Live Younger [June 21]
  15. The Coupon Scoop [June 22]
  16. Alex Whalley [June 22]
  17. Mini Greenhouse Kits [June 23]
  18. Firepole Marketing [June 23]
  19. Quotes of Charles [June 24]
  20. Sales Maximus [June 24]
  21. DownHub [June 25]
  22. News Mania [June 25]
  23. Girl With A Purpose [June 26]
  24. [June 26]
  25. WP Kube [June 27]
  26. The Meek Watcher [June 27]
  27. Small Business Finance [June 28]
  28. The Blog Design Team [June 28]
  29. Dragon Blogger [June 29]
  30. All You Need Is Lists [June 29]

L-I has received awesome testimonials as well.


From the bloggers: 
*Some comments are cut, to view for their full comments, visit the link on the post.
"Absolutely brilliant review and thank you on behalf of Dragonblogger's staff for featuring the writers as well! #win"

"Thanks much for this balanced review of Girl With a Purpose (GWAP) Blog!"
"Thank you for this comprehensive review Gian. I’m at awe. I really love the “infotainment.” It’s like a statement and it’s a kicker. All the best and Mabuhay!"

"I just discovered your review of my site. Thank you for it. I have also taken some of your suggestions and applied them to my site."

"Hey Faye, thanks for this awesome review about my blog and my free stuff, just check my stats and saw a link here back to my blog and I was surprise by this review... thanks!"

"You really took time in your review and gave the site a thorough look over! Your advice is quite astute and Trending Poetry will take it to heart. Thanks again Gian."

From our readers:
"Good critique! I enjoy reading your blog."

"Gian! I hats off to you. your reviews are so cool and very comprehensive. Cheers! You have a good job in this series."

"Very interesting post! I have a small greenhouse in my parents place for my collection of Haworthia cacti, it is well worth the time or money."

"It is great to know that a fellow Filipina has written this very comprehensive post! More Power and God Bless! :)"

And, from the CEO and Founder of BlogEngage:
"Gian, this is by far the best reviews I have seen from our contest! I love your quality of work Andrew is a great guy from engage the blog engage your amazing review helps him build the brand and create traffic! I think he will be extremely pleased with this review!"

And while checking Google...

Third result for the 'event for bloggers' keywords. :D

So without further ado, I'll now reveal the extension of BlogFest! As you know, this event has been a collaboration with BlogEngage's June 2011 Guest Blogging contest which I'm participating. There are still LOTS of blogs not yet featured, this is their chance. Especially those who are under the Gold Sponsorship. I think they deserve to be featured as well. The only Gold Sponsor I had featured was Ms. Jane from Find All Answers. I believe there are still lots of things to know about the rest I have not yet reviewed.

Hence, BlogFest is NOT yet OVER! *throws confetti*

Another good news to all readers of Loading-Info: L-I is now PR3! Last June 28, L-I have received the greatest reward so far. It took 10 months (since I created L-I) before getting this far. We're PR0 no more!

Well, well, well... I know you want to know who won our giveaway. We have a total of 25 entries! (Not bad for our first time giveaway!)

Here it is... *drumrolls please*

Congratulations, Kent from MyNetGadget! We will send your $5 Amazon Gift Code once you've replied to our email. Cheerio!

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