Friday, July 1, 2011

Work with David Wood To Your MLM Prosperity

David Wood was a guy who lived in his van on 2009, and is now a successful marketeer. From getting stucked on being a door-to-door guy, who then seek for freedom, now holds the #1 spot on their MLM company. This blog is a showcase to all his earnings - his beach travels, world exploration, and luxurious adventures made possible by his one big decision... to work for no one but himself.

When I landed at the page, something weird greeted me.

Bad Flash YouTube video!
This one simple mistake would make a new visitor close the window. Why? First, there was a popup. Second, the popup was covered by an unaligned YouTube video. If the visitors didn't get it, they might have thought the video was a part of the popup, but it really wasn't.

It's a part of the post!
The solution for this is easy. Just add ?wmode-transparent at the end of the YouTube URL. Sorry you cannot highlight the text! Just type it, it's just a few letters.

I also didn't like the header. The message is cool, with the gold liberty thing there. It's like - There's gold in freedom!!! But I dislike the way it was edited. It's like the photos were just patched up there. I know Mr. Wood can afford to hire a good designer. :)

Anyways, as I have always mentioned on my reviews... it's not about the design. It's about the contents!

I've watched the video on his sidebar. That one with a big Play button. I was amazed at how fast he talks and non-stop. I was like, "Was he still breathing?" I guess, MLM people really need to talk that fast. Or, they have been doing the talking most of the time so that rate of talking is normal for them.

But, he indeed has a big fan base, or loyal trainees who wants to know his secrets and also wants to be as successful as him. With almost 11,300 subscribers! That's a whooping number of loyal readers.

One thing that caught my attention was a series posts about his vacation on Bora Bora, which was entirely paid with his system, MyLeadSystemPro. (How I was so envious while reading his adventures.) I literally watched the entire video on the landing page on the link to his system. As the normal MLM approach goes, they'll offer you something you don't want to miss. Too bad I do not have the money for those DVDs he offered for a value almost the 16th of the total value of all the DVDs.

I'm really not that kind of person who's going to join a Multi-Level Marketing group. It's not my forte. I don't like pleasing people. But on David Wood's case, he does not please people. He just lure them by posting all the pleasures he got with joining his MLM company and let his readers judge if they'll want to follow his steps or not.

As for me, I have to create my own steps. You choose for yourself.

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