Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fwisp: The Latest Articles and News on Business and Finance

This is not a blog, but an online aggregator of articles and news about business and finance around the blogosphere. Fwisp is a collection of posts with topics regarding finance, business, investing, economics and anything related to money. As you see, there is a dollar sign and a piggy bank on their logo. 

The interface is clean. If you are not familiar with aggregators such as Digg, Blokube, and BlogEngage, there is a quick tour waiting for you.

Registration is also simple. You can sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account, or you can choose to register directly to the site with a username and password.

After I registered, I was about to edit some of my profile details such as my Twitter username and others. I was looking for any Edit Profile button or link but I can't find anything. Then I notice this:

I quite frowned then I realized this should be so that to encourage users to do some activity first before gaining some authority.

On their blog last March 2011, they stated that they have deleted 50,000 users who haven't done anything on their site. This means that they are highly against spammers and zombies. This also made their site status quite genuine.

So lemme try submitting a story... My only post relating to finance was my review of the Small Business Finance Forum blog. So here it is:

Notice their Bookmarklet feature.

I still need to upload the photo, eh? Why not automatically get it from the post?

I tried adding a little more details on the description and it went through.

I quite don't understand that notice below the buttons.


It was pending for moderation. So I guess I couldn't really edit my profile til then? That was sad.

Anyways, if you are eager with reading anything related to finance, this site is for you.

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