Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Body 'n Soil: Pure Healthy Living

What happens when you mix Gardening with Health and Fitness? Believe it our not, this blog tackles both topics. Hence, the name Body (Health) and Soil (Gardening). This blog is the extension of the BodynSoil website by Ms. Janet Hughes, who is passionate to learn and teach about Health & Fitness, Organic Gardening, Clean Eating, and Green Living.

Their tagline goes as:

"Work Your Body, Nourish Your Soil"

Now I know why it's called Body n Soil, because of the typical Body and Soul combination, why not make it Soil instead?

I have to comment about the layout first. The items on the blog are all scattered. The two-column sidebar is quite confusing. I believe there's still something they can do to minimize the space occupied by the widgets and banners. Say the NetworkedBlogs widget, since they only have 11 followers at the moment, they could adjust the height.

The footer could be optimized, too. 

This is their footer.
They could distribute the items evenly, see that the left part of the footer has a larger space than the right part.

Anyways, if you would glance at their posts, you would instantly distinguish the blog's uniqueness. The posts are both entertaining and informative. What I liked about their posts are the series. They are as follows:

For Gardening: They have what they call Flower Porn. Don't be confused as this is much likely the Food Porn category, just replace the Food with Flowers. In these series of posts they are featuring, of course, flowers. What else?

From their July 2 post of Flower Porn.

For Health & Fitness: They post under the Workouts and Bear Dare categories. On the Workouts category, Ms. Janet posts about her workout experiences plus the workout programs that she recommends. On the other hand, the Bear Dare sounds foreign to me so I still have to look what it is all about. This post sums it all up. You can really see the fit body of Ms. Janet on that post. What more proof can you ask for if you can see it with your very eyes?

Of course, everytime we talk about healthy living, proper diet is always present. For that, BodynSoil also posts some yummy recipes for that fit body. On the Recipes category you will find recipes to organic dishes since Ms. Janet's diet consists of organic food only.

Wait, there's more! (haha) Ms. Janet is also into Green Living. She also shares her knowledge about proper cleaning and disposal and other things you could do to take care of our Mother Earth. It can be seen on the Green Cleaning and Earth Wise categories.

What I learned from reviewing this blog: We humans are the most blessed creatures on earth because of the knowledge that were spawned upon us. It's our responsibility to both take care of our body and the environment because what affects the outer, affects the inner, and vice versa. We are the one in control of our body, and we hold the most control of our environment.

Visit the blog at bodynsoil.com/blog.

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