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60 Children Need Your Help - Sponsor A Child In India

Poverty has always been and will always be an issue among developing countries. Hunger rates are still high, illiteracy is a normal thing, and unemployment is always a part of the nation. For every family that is under poverty, the children are the most affected ones. 

It is in fact that child labour is common to developing countries. Some parents think that for them to survive, they need to work for food. Instead of focusing on education, they are pushed to work hard. 

That's why most developing countries are not developing at all. Instead of nurturing the citizens of our future generation (which are the kids), they chain them to poverty and pass the hardships to them at very young age. They'll never find the key, because the key is education and parents are isolating them away from it.

But children shouldn't suffer this. It's not about fate or that this kind of life is destined for them. There is no such thing as fate, only actions and consequences.

Now is your time to make an action. If you are blessed with wealth, you are free to share it with these kids.

Look at those smiles. :)
Based from their site, sponsoring a child costs 160 EURO per year. If converted to Philippine peso, that's around 10,250php (around $232 USD). You can spare a gadget for a child's education for a whole year.

On to the site: The site is well-constructed. While browsing for the children's profiles, you don't have to reload the page when you click the next batch.

However, some of the links below the Sponsor A Child button is not available. They need to check that part.

I also recommend they put a donate button there. In case some people don't have that amount to sponsor a child. Small amounts (when added together) will be of a big help as well. EDIT: I just saw the Donate button on the footer above the Twitter and Facebook buttons.

Regarding that Facebook comment there, I really don't appreciate it. I mean, it's like a foreign thing there and I don't see any active posters. I've seen the recent posts are old posts. I mean, what's the purpose of it?

I have a suggestion. Instead of that Facebook comment there, it would be better if they include social media tools per child profile. If someone would want to sponsor for that child, but doesn't have that full amount, they could share it to their friends and ask for contributions.

Or, it would be better if they enable many to one sponsorship - not just one to one. As I see there are still lots of children not yet sponsored and I think the reason is, others who want to help doesn't have the full amount of 160 EURO for a child. Contribution is a good idea.

They also have a project called Sponsor Food For a Day.

Sponsor A Child is a part of Jaisiyaram Children Charity Projects headed by Swami Balendu.

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