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Melvin Blog: Not Your Typical Internet Marketing Blog

"Another internet marketing blog again?" Yes, it is. But wait, this isn't just your ordinary IM blog out there. Melvin Blog is obviously a blog by someone with the name of 'Melvin'. Who's Melvin, then?

He's a 20-year old marketeer with 3 years of experience with Internet Marketing (IM). His About page tells a great story on how he began with his Blogspot blog, tried Make Money Online (MMO) opportunities, and eventually ended up with IM.

I literally spent a lot of time on his blog. No, it's not the loading page speed I'm talking about here. His blog is as fast as a bullet. What I'm saying is about the contents of his blog. There are LOTS of great stuff you can read there. I mean it, GREAT stuff.

Don't be confused with the name, though. He mentioned that his is not a personal blog. He proved it with his posts, only a few posts are personal. And if there is one, you would certainly pick something at the end of it.

Enough of the greatness talk, you have to see them for yourself.

His post titled "Making Money Blogging Isn't Really Hard, It's Just A Lot of Hard Work" talks about his experience when he began putting ads on his Blogspot blog, failed, focused on writing good content instead, then attracted large advertisers. It also tackles how the Make Money from Blogging hype seriously needs not to be merely seen as just a hype.

On his post "Studying How Internet Marketers Roll With Launches," he mentioned how most Internet Marketers make the most out of Affiliate Marketing. He even included screenshots from other popular (pro)bloggers on his field on how they manage to launch their products using Email Marketing. Heck, he even has a definition of Incentivizing as the act of bribing. It may sound hilarious but it is indeed true to most Internet Marketers.

Another interesting post where most active bloggers could relate to is "When Your Blog Runs Out of Great Content." No, it isn't about running out of ideas for your blog. This is about when most blogs who regularly post great content, loses its consistency and suddenly post crappy contents. I believe most of us passes this stage. Sometimes we became so busy that you depended on guest posts to fill the void you couldn't fill because of your schedule and priorities. Melvin mentioned how some of his idol blogs loses their awesomeness because of guest posts not related to the blog's niche and he definitely lost interest with them.

"The Big Challenge After a Blog Contest - The Dropoff" is a very comprehensive post about how some blogs, who hosted contests or giveaways, experience the said dropoff once the contest is over. Setting up contests or giveaways on your blog is overwhelming. With proper marketing, your blog will definitely experience a double (even triple or more) in traffic. People love freebies, if they have the chance to get freebies by joining a contest, they would if they have the time. Now what's next after the contest is over? It's a challenge to us bloggers to convert the said newcomers who came only for the contest to convert them to our regular readers. That's it.

On the other hand, here's another post that left me thinking: "Minimizing Blog Elements and Why Should" Being attracted to so many cool widgets is my blogger sin. I've always wanted my home page to be functional. But what left me to contemplate on, if I find these widgets functional, do my readers find them functional as well? Only you can answer that.

Another great post is "Making Money from Advertising, Overrated or Underrated?" If you blog, it's most likely that you offer advertising space or have an Adsense installed on your blog. On this post he stated why Advertising is both overrated and underrated.

There is also two great guest posts on his blog which I recommend you to read:

One thing I noticed about most of his posts is that he always mention popular names on his niche. I think that's one factor that attracts some of the good comments on his blog because when they read those well-known names, they definitely think this is one guy who knows what he's talking about.

He definitely is.

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