Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DIGRadio: The Rebirth of NU107

This is good news for rock enthusiasts around the Philippines who were saddened by the last singing off of the late NU107 last Novermber 2010. NU107 is back - in the presence of DIGRadio, an internet based rock station. 

Rock and roll will never die.

After 23 years on air, NU107 bid goodbye to its listeners and many have been emotional about the farewell. It's not just your ordinary FM radio station, this has been a part of our childhood, a part of Filipino rock history - many bands grew up, talents got recognized, the best are awarded, friendships and comraderie bloomed.

Last month, the people who brought to you NU107 gave birth to a new medium, that is DIGRadio. Friends and fellow modern rock enthusiasts funded and contributed to this project to make it alive again.

The jocks from L to R: Top - DJ Kim, DJ April, DJ Trish, DJ Cyrus;
Below - DJ Jay, DJ Shanen, DJ Evee, DJ Francis Brew
My voice.

I'm not a big fan of the radio community because I've been born to creep the Internet. But NU107 has been a big part of my high school life. (Because I don't have my pc yet that time.) And almost all other radio stations were crap and full of green jokes. And NU107 is the only station I liked. When the news broke that NU107 is going to be stopped, I felt like a part of me is going to die. It was like a cancer.

But you don't know how joyful I am when I heard this news. I think this is even a good thing that they moved online, it is more accessible to most listeners - there's the internet connection, a pc, and a headphone.

You can launch the player now by visiting http://digradio.ph

You can also find them on:

DIGRadio is an online radio station and a part of the PinoyTuner community.
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