Hello! The following blogs are personal picks of L-I. Though I sometimes ask for link exchanges, most of the blogs you are going to encounter on this list are those I stumbled upon to and carry a great amount of awesomeness with them. Be sure to check them out!

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    Not yet a favorite? Don't worry. I check these blogs from time to time and I might just add a star in it in the future - that is for me to decide. Check back again later. ☺ If you can't wait, invite me to check out your blog this moment, make sure you'll make my jaw drop.

    If you want to exchange links, here are some of my requirements:
    • Your blog must be atleast 3 months old and has atleast 5 posts.
    • I don't care about your page rank, whatever it is, it's fine.
    • Must have unique content. If not, must site sources.
    • Should not be spam blogs or blogs overly decorated with ads and affiliate links.
    • Go to the Contact page and send me your details and which category you fall into.
    On the other hand, if I asked for a link exchange and I haven't got a reply from you (within a week or so), I could have already deleted your link here. If you've read my message late, Contact me and I'll add your link again. If I've miscategorized your blog please do inform me immediately! 

    NOTE: This list is regularly checked. Inactive, zombies, or blogs gone mad will be removed from here to maintain quality and consistent awesomeness.
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