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What's Your Excuse for Not Living Your Dreams?

Making excuses is an easy task compared to doing the things we need to do. Most of us don't seem to notice but excuses could ruin your dreams. By making excuses, we are diverting our attention to other nonsensical things that could not help us reach our goals. What's worse is when you make it a habit to make excuses. 

What's Yo Excuse is a blog about encouraging children and teens to pursue their dreams and for the adults to share their excuses and mistakes in life so the kids could learn from them. This blog is founded by Joe Lewis just this May 2011. It features real-life stories from people who have struggled in life, failed, made excuses about their failures, failed again, and learning to accept their failures and go on with life - eventually reaching their goals.

What your childhood dream? 

If you would ask me, I want to be an astronomer. What's my excuse for not fulfilling my childhood dream? Hmmm... Because it looks complicated, especially living in a developing country like ours. I may not have the astronomer title as a profession, but it sure is a great hobby to read news about the latest in the astronomy world. Plus, there are lots of software to fulfill my astro-cravings. I'll make a post about them later. :)

Share Your Excuses

Excuses, alibi, whatever fancy word you call them, they're all the same. It is to please other people or yourself about certain things. You didn't make it because of this. You couldn't do it that because of that. Reasons. We all look for reasons to patch up things.

Share Your Mistakes

Mistakes are always a part of us. We all have had mistakes, we know that. I bet you have done so many mistakes when you were a child, a teenager, and as an adult. What's good about mistakes is when you accept them as a part of your life and learn from them to prevent you from doing it again in the future.

Share Your Stories

Sharing your excuses and mistakes could help others who are still struggling on theirs. By sharing your stories you can help them, especially teenagers and young adults, to prevent from doing the same mistakes by learning from you.

The following are articles recommended by L-I:

"The Price I Paid For The American Dream" talks about how a young couple lived an American dream, temporarily. A big house, luxury cars, butlers, and a grandiose lifestyle - everyone wants this kind of living. Now what happens when you are so confident that you can pursue this dream? It's not a bad thing, I think. But what makes it wrong is when you are over confident enough to not have thought of the consequences when something wrong happens. Are you prepared? What happened when it gets worse? Are you prepared to start all over again?

"It's Too Short" is a story about how a person survived from a rare lung disease. It talks about how life is too short for doing the things you don't really want to do, that positivity is a way of life to appreciate the things that are given to us that we should cherish.

"5 Things You Won't Learn in College" speaks much of the things that you should know once you stepped out of your college life. It is true that there are an abundance of things you need to learn that you cannot gain from going to school. These are some of them. My favorite part of the post is pointing out that we are now out of the Industrial Age where a degree is all you need to land on that job. That today, we are now on the Information Age where almost everyone has a degree. You need not to be overconfident but instead focus on things that will make you stand out from those who applies for the job you wanted.

"Top 10 Excuses That Could Ruin Your Career" sums up the things that you might be doing that could badly affect your career. I admit that I am quite guilty to some of the items mentioned on the list. Though, we are always aware of these things and its effect to us, we still need to be always reminded for us not to forget about them.

If you want to share your story, feel free to submit them and you may help someone be saved from the mistakes you've been through, or be inspired to follow your success.

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