Sunday, July 24, 2011

L-I's Picks of Wolfram|Alpha Widgets For the Info Geeks

Last September, I posted about Wolfram|Alpha here on L-I. I've originally created a separate page for the W|A widgets (prev. the Tools page) but since Blogger only lets you create 10 static pages, I have to remove it to give space to other pages which are more important to the blog. As I promised, here they are - L-I's Picks of Wolfram|Alpha Widgets.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Superb Internet - Web Hosting & Dedicated Servers: A Glimpse

Superb Internet was founded on 1996 by a then 16-year old Haralds Jass. From humble beginnings, the company which was created due to hosting servers' common problems those days, grew to over 400 servers by the year 1999. Their history is quite remarkable. But what we're going to see this time is its present state. Will they pass this review?


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blog Engage June 2011 Contest Winners Announced!

Good News <L-I> Readers! I won the first place on BlogEngage's June 2011 contest! *throws confetti* I couldn't have done this without your support. Thank you very much! This post is dedicated you all of you who supported Loading-Info throughout the contest! Let the mentions begin...


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

GeoSurf: Choose Your Own Location To Surf - No Hassle!

What if you can choose the location you are in while surfing the web? You can do that by setting your IP address. But what if you just want to set your location without getting your hands into these technical details? Or you are in a hurry and have no time to guess and search for a ton of IP addresses on the web without even knowing if it's safe to do so? Here is your solution - GeoSurf.


Monday, July 11, 2011

BlogFest is Now Officially OVER!

BlogFest is officially over! I don't want to sound like a thespian on this post but this has stirred a mixed emotion to me here at L-I. I'm quite sad because this wonderful and adventurous event is now over and I'm happy at the same time because that means I could give way to other awesome posts I've hidden on the drafts page for a month! This calls for a celebration!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

We Blog Better - You Can Be a Better Blogger, too!

Every blogger dreams of being a better blogger. We Blog Better is founded by its previous owner Mr. Brandon Cox and now administered by Ms. Keisha Easley. This blog helps not just newbie bloggers but also those who are along the way and the pros as well.

This is the last featured blog on Loading-Info's BlogFest.


Meet The SEO Sage and Learn Search Engine Optimization

Not sausage, dude. It's S-E-O sage. The SEO Sage is no other than Mr. Matthew DC who has a 5-year experience with blogging and internet marketing. The blog's tagline goes as The #1 Source for SEO Training, News, & Case Studies. Let's see...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Get Informed About Home-Based Business Resources at iBlogZone

iBlogZone was founded by Francisco Perez aka. DiTesco. This blog's focus is to help home-based business owners, mostly for online businesses, by providing ample resources and tips. Most topics include blogging (of course), SEO, Link Building, Marketing, Wordpress, and other terms you may have encountered before if you have read some of my previous reviews.


Why is the Angry Latino So Mad?

This blog the voice of one Latin American who has a strong passion for making them, the Latinos, a meaningful part of the American history. He is no other than the Angry Latino. His name may sound pessimistic, but it's the strong part of the emotion that puts up this blog.

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Health News A Day Keeps The Sickness Away

A Health Blog is obviously a blog about health. It posts Health & Fitness news in a daily basis. They say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I say, a health news a day keeps the sickness away. Agree?


iLuLu Online: All Black Celebrity and Entertainment News Blog

If there is a blog exclusively for the black beauties and talents, this is it. iLuLu Online a an entertainment news blog about the latest and the freshest news about black celebrities, music, videos, films, and gossips. It was founded by Ms. LuLu from England who has traveled to the various parts of the world.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Read Social Media News Commentary on 113Tidbits

113Tidbits of Commentary is a blog by Tony Greene aka. tonyknuckles. This blog is a collection of various topics that miraculously go with the interest of his readers. But seriously, when I landed at the page, all I encountered was Mr. Confusion.


The Awesome Critics Will Save Your Otaku Life From Torture

Anime and manga-lovers would love this blog. Although the title seems unrelated to their niche, and their tagline "Saving you from torture" seems confusing, I believe the reviewers of The Awesome Critics blog will definitely save your otaku life from bad anime and crappy manga by making awesome reviews. Sounds acceptable, I think.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's Your Excuse for Not Living Your Dreams?

Making excuses is an easy task compared to doing the things we need to do. Most of us don't seem to notice but excuses could ruin your dreams. By making excuses, we are diverting our attention to other nonsensical things that could not help us reach our goals. What's worse is when you make it a habit to make excuses. 


Extreme John: Business to the Extreme, No Cowards Allowed

Define extreme. Limousines? Tanning Salons? Ask John. He deals with these things. No, I'm not kidding. He had been into the limousine business with his Insane Limos™. He is also into indoor tanning business, now with his Extreme Spray Tan™. That's how extreme he does his business.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Body 'n Soil: Pure Healthy Living

What happens when you mix Gardening with Health and Fitness? Believe it our not, this blog tackles both topics. Hence, the name Body (Health) and Soil (Gardening). This blog is the extension of the BodynSoil website by Ms. Janet Hughes, who is passionate to learn and teach about Health & Fitness, Organic Gardening, Clean Eating, and Green Living.


Technology is Technically Easy to Understand

We techies raise our eyebrows everytime we encounter modern people who are so against the use of technology. Worst cases are when these people are having conflicts with you because of that matter. I myself had experienced arguing with old geezers just because they don't understand what I'm doing in front of the computer. 


Monday, July 4, 2011

Discover the Full Potential of Social Media at Pamorama

First I thought it was a blog related to photography, but Pamorama is about using the social media as a tool of many trades. It is founded and administered by Pam Dyer, hence the name Pam-orama.


Politicus USA: Talk About Real Liberal Politics

Since today is the Independence Day of the United States of America, I'll be featuring Politicus USA - a blog where events and issues related to US politics are talked about, analyzed, with opinions not influenced by the media or any political parties.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mallory on Travel Adventure, Everyday!

Let's take a break from blogs about money and marketing, here's one refreshing blog for you. Mallory on Travel is a travel blog by a former member of the Armed Forces, Mr. Iain Mallory. What you're about to see aren't just photos of landscapes and beautiful sceneries. Get ready for one pack of a hell wild adventure.


Melvin Blog: Not Your Typical Internet Marketing Blog

"Another internet marketing blog again?" Yes, it is. But wait, this isn't just your ordinary IM blog out there. Melvin Blog is obviously a blog by someone with the name of 'Melvin'. Who's Melvin, then?


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fwisp: The Latest Articles and News on Business and Finance

This is not a blog, but an online aggregator of articles and news about business and finance around the blogosphere. Fwisp is a collection of posts with topics regarding finance, business, investing, economics and anything related to money. As you see, there is a dollar sign and a piggy bank on their logo. 


The Bob & Rosemary Blog Shows Solutions To Networkers

Bob and Rosemary started a blog last September 2009. This blog is about establishing your online business, leveraging your time and sources to make the most out of your business, tips about personal development, and attracting success to your life. Sounds promising. Let's see.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Work with David Wood To Your MLM Prosperity

David Wood was a guy who lived in his van on 2009, and is now a successful marketeer. From getting stucked on being a door-to-door guy, who then seek for freedom, now holds the #1 spot on their MLM company. This blog is a showcase to all his earnings - his beach travels, world exploration, and luxurious adventures made possible by his one big decision... to work for no one but himself.

60 Children Need Your Help - Sponsor A Child In India

Poverty has always been and will always be an issue among developing countries. Hunger rates are still high, illiteracy is a normal thing, and unemployment is always a part of the nation. For every family that is under poverty, the children are the most affected ones. 


BlogFest 2011 - A Wrap Up! + And The Winner of the Giveaway Is...

From June 15-30, I've featured lots of awesome blogs from the blogosphere. If your blog wasn't featured, that doesn't mean it's not awesome. 

Later on this post I'll be announcing the winner of our mini-giveaway on my PunchTab review.

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