Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trending Poetry: When Twitter Trends Became Poems

Ever wonder what purpose does Twitter Trends serve? Well, it's for letting us know about the latest most tweeted topics. Another purpose? I can't think of any more.

Not until Persian Poetess started to create Trending Poetry, a blog of poems inspired by the latest trending topics on Twitter.

If you disregard the design, this one's an awesome blog. But I do believe that they'll be focusing on improving the blog design in the future. I recommend tweaking it a little so it wouldn't look so Blogger: 
  • Auto-hide or fully hide the Blogger navigation bar, 
  • Make good use of the built-in Blogger fonts,
  • Use templates that are not commonly used or
  • Fully customize the template (to the point that it doesn't look like the default one).

The Art Behind Trending Topics

Let's not focus on the blog design. If you pull up the curtains you'll see how unrelated things could make up an awesome imagery.

Twitter is a tool of many trades. You can use it to spread the news and the latest events, tell the world what you are doing at this moment, share images and links to other sites, et cetera.

Each poem will be based from a number of trending topics of a specific time. Of course, most likely these things are unrelated to each other. That is the challenge to the poet who'll be making a poem about the unrelated topics. Don't worry, there's an explanation to each poem that introduces you to each topic if you don't have any idea about any of them. (Plus, trivial information!)

Who could think that a type of art could be born from this technology? I just couldn't fathom how Persian Poetess have thought of this idea. Sometimes, artistic minds break the barrier of the traditional arts. They tend to formulate something new. And this is one outcome of that, a modern art based from a technology most of us use. So even if you are not the poem reader type, the posts will still be interesting to read.

What's awesome about the posts is - the latest poems (since the May 20th post) have audio versions. If you are lazy to read, you can just play the audio. (How I love the calming voice.) 

The following are my favorites:

If you want to compose poems such as these, you could submit them and they will be subjected to be published. To submit your poems, click here.

If you are really not into written literature of any types, Trending Poetry still has something for you. This one's inspired from Twitter Hashtags: TRENDING TROUBLZ #stayawayfrommeif. It's a comic strip and I'll hope I'll be seeing more like this in the future.

Trending Poetry has started publishing poems since April 2011. As of June 16, it has a total of 13 poems published, 4 of them with the audio version.

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