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Build. Rank. Profit. - Your Way to Make Money w/ Niche Websites

Build Rank Profit is about building niche websites, make them rank the highest they can be, and let the visitors be converted to money. It's as easy as that. This three-column blog, by Mr. Alex Whalley, is a combination of how-tos, tricks and tips, and latest trends about anything web-related - all of them eventually pushes you out of your couch, makes you sit back to it, and be more productive on the online world full of opportunities. By that, I mean money.

Before anything else, this blog teaches about how to rank. Let's see its page rank...


PR2. Not bad. Now we've proven that this blog talks about something it already has (unlike other money making get-to-the-top blogs which couldn't get to the top themselves).

What would you build? A website, obviously. Most likely, a website with a blog. Static websites are those you just visit once, get the information you need, and never go back. Why? Because I have seen the contents before. I already know it. And if ever you'll be updating the info, how could I be notified?

By having a blog, you constantly provide your visitors something new. Of course, most blogs provide a subscription form, or RSS so they could be informed of the new contents. By providing something new, they'll visit your site often. It's that simple.

The most recommended platform for a blog is Wordpress. They say - it all starts with a theme. Well, as of now I have a minimal knowledge with this thing as I haven't yet had a self-hosted Wordpress blog. But when I do, I'll sure drop by this blog for some tips.

Here's some of the posts that will get you started:

Three Words. Twenty-four letters. (If I'm right with my counting.) SEO. (Argh! That's three letters not words~!) Well, search engine optimization.

First time I heard this thing was when I was applying for OJT. I applied for the company because I like the name and their website and the job description includes SEO. I told myself, what the hell is SEO? A programming language? Then I was interviewed and asked me if I know anything about SEO. I said NO, I don't know anything. Then they offered me to train me on that thing. Then I was not interested so I looked for another company.

Greatest. Mistake. of My Life. My mind that time (2009) was all about PHP and JavaScript and I haven't heard of SEO. (Most of the times I know things by myself if I haven't learned them from school. I have no older sisters or older brothers.) Ha! Now I know the importance of SEO.

To get into the ranks of the Great Giant Google (GGG, FTW!), you need to enrich thy keywords of thy blog. Of course, to be able to do that, you need a thorough research. There are alternatives, though - buy a software that will do the job for you. And there's something Alex recommends. Well, he shares lots of Wordpress plugins on his blog so better check them out!

Here's some of the posts that will get you informed:


After getting ranked, or before getting rank, you should have thought how you would gain if ever you get into the top of the search results of a certain keyword/s. Should you put some ads on your blog? What type of ads and which advertising company to choose? Or would you prefer affiliate marketing? The good thing is you can do both.

Here's some of the post that will get stoked:

What I like about Alex Whalley's blog is its entertaining tone while you're getting something valuable from it. Nothing beats an enfotainment post.

Don't forget to signup for his free ecourse at I'm sure this would be interesting.

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