Sunday, July 10, 2011

Meet The SEO Sage and Learn Search Engine Optimization

Not sausage, dude. It's S-E-O sage. The SEO Sage is no other than Mr. Matthew DC who has a 5-year experience with blogging and internet marketing. The blog's tagline goes as The #1 Source for SEO Training, News, & Case Studies. Let's see...

First thing I noticed is the free ebook titled Internet Marketing Starter Guide. As I was about to download the ebook...

I encountered the following error:

I tried entering with my surname, still the error persists. This simple mistake could be a great downfall to most bloggers who offer something free. Their visitors would eventually get disappointed.

And so I diverted my attention to the posts, but... 

The last post was way back May 31st!

It seems like the SEO Sage is nowhere to be found! I have also observed his posts for the past months and it seems like his time for his blog is declining up to the point where he doesn't update it anymore. It could be that he became busy but there isn't any hiatus post, he just disappeared from the blogosphere.

Anyways, I have no choice but to check his older posts. So here are some of the interesting posts I picked up from his archive:

  • Can Community Blogging Save the Empire? talks about how community blogging could save you from going down the drain everytime there is an algorithm change in Google. It also features the importance of guest blogging on.

  • Keyword Research 101 helps you with your keyword research to help optimize your site's content. It also features the tools, tips, and techniques you can use on your research.

  • What is SEM? is for those who are new to Search Engine Marketing.

You can also check his Get Started page for the Internet Marketing n00bs, the SEO Basics page for the SEO n00bs, and the Link Building page that contains guides and techniques to link building.

SEO Sage, where are you?


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