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Calm your T*ts. It's The Bad Blogger. Problem?

This post contains things not suitable for very young readers. Parental guidance is advised. If you are easily offended by these things, but could tolerate a little - I advise you to still continue reading as there's something behind the name you wouldn't want to ignore.

The Bad Blogger is a blog by the Bad Blogger himself - Mr. Wong Chendong. This blog is an amalgamation of Sexy Babes and Money. 

Read at your own risk.

* In case you didn't get the title... Read this and this.

Where Money and Sex are Concerned

Why combine the two? Well, they say that sex sells. True. That's why Mr. Wong used it as a part of the recipe that is The Bad Blogger blog.

However, if you would ask me, that topic is one of those that shouldn't be talked about. Sex is sex. That's simple as it is. Why talk about it if you could just do it? 

But men differ from women. That's a fact. Our professor from our Family Planning subject once told us that men can be aroused by the sense of sight and touch, women only by the sense of touch. Sounds legit. That's why the sex thing with photos of hot chicks doesn't make sense for me. Even if they use photos of sexy men instead... eh. 

But hey, it's all about the marketing. It's a fact that this type of industry is mostly populated by men. Ahh... Always dominated by the male species. Add the sex thing - Boom! Increase of sales.

I noticed that the layout, or the framework used, is same as that from BBT which I previously reviewed. But the design is awesome, and the logo is wicked - no doubt about it.

I noticed the LARGE subscription area where you could get an ebook if you subscribe. Curious I was, I downloaded the two free ebooks:

* To think of it, this post could be a 3-in-1 review. One for the blog, two for the ebooks.

The Life & Marketing of The Guy 
Behind The Bad Blogger

I first read the second book, as I want to know who the Bad Blogger really is. It's a 41-page pdf with a fully-designed layout and proper text size that you can easily read.

While I was reading the book, I was shocked at one thing. That thing really surprised me. This is not to spoil you - but he mentioned a book, "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

That book was recommended to us by the same professor I have mentioned above. Is it just a coincidence or is there any connection? I haven't read that book yet but I remembered it because our professor recommended it so many times that made me remember the title. But I forgot about it not until now. I'll probably read it now that both my professor and The Bad Blogger recommend it.

So in this ebook, he talked about his life and uses them as an example to how to survive in Marketing.

He mentioned about Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). I always have bad vibes when I hear about this but from what he stated based from his experience, not all MLM companies are bad guys, and that life itself also consists of uplines and downlines.

So, what have I learned from the ebook?
  • Marketing could be as crazy as jumping off the third floor (literally).
  • Don't be discouraged. Don't give up.
  • Always have someone to look up to. A mentor, per se.
  • Believe in yourself, always.
  • Focus until you succeed.
  • Be honest with your business.

But the thing I learned the most is regarding the freedom - that marketing isn't about the money. It doesn't end with it. It's just that when we gain a good amount of it that we could be free from worrying what to pay the bills, the things you need to buy, and so on and so forth.

In conclusion, the ebook tells some significant parts of The Bad Blogger's life, shared what he learned and what we could learn from them.

Scam Sales Pages (Uncensored)

This 28-page ebook tells you what to look at a site or a business to check if it is a scam or not. Other mentioned are obvious things, but a must-know to those who are not informed yet. The book is rich with information, others I only knew after I read them on the ebook.

The ebook tackled about the tactics of scam artists (if there's a con artist, there's a scam artist!), and gave examples of different kinds of scamming on various fields.

I recommend this ebook to anyone who transacts online and those who always do purchases online.

The Bad Blogger

One thing I noticed about his posts are the centered comments in bold to emphasize what he's

Saying !

Yes, it does look somewhat like that - complete with a space before the exclamation point. And it's awesome, he called it a side note style of writing. It's always cool to have some unique personal touch on your posts so your readers could easily identify you.

Though this blog is not safe for view at work, there are lots of cool stuff you would want to read. Here are the posts that interest me:

What do you think of The Bad Blogger?

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