Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Awesome Critics Will Save Your Otaku Life From Torture

Anime and manga-lovers would love this blog. Although the title seems unrelated to their niche, and their tagline "Saving you from torture" seems confusing, I believe the reviewers of The Awesome Critics blog will definitely save your otaku life from bad anime and crappy manga by making awesome reviews. Sounds acceptable, I think.

There's nothing wrong with having a clean layout. But the blog looks like a little bit of a ghost blog, not because of the contents, but of the statistics you will see once you landed on the page - 0 Retweets, no comments, no number of subscribers, no visible participation from readers.

When I checked their Twitter, there isn't even a photo but the default Twitter egg. I always advise blogs to make use of the full potential of social media to gain visitors and readers. I suggest them to add a photo on their Twitter, and auto-post their reviews. Only including the #anime, #manga, and #reviews HashTags could make a big difference. Plus, the title of the anime, manga, and films they are reviewing would totally grab the targeted audience to their blog.

Making a Facebook page would also help them. Imagine readers who casually check their Facebook News Feed, stumbled upon their latest reviews, and checked them out. If the featured anime turns out to be their favorites, they'll eventually score some fanatics which may be converted to their avid readers to see if they'll feature another great anime related to their favorite ones.

Despite the lack of promotion, their contents are very detailed. (Most reviews contain spoilers so beware while browsing.) They all have the ratings, the summary, and even links to a store which you can purchase the product reviewed.

Based on my observation, TAC has two writers - namely Will and Nic. I also noticed that they always sometimes had conflict on their reviews. It can be seen on their review of Elfen Lied. (Check the notes on the bottom of the page.) 

You can also see them throwing f-bombs on some reviews. But I think it's normal for critics to act like that. (Okay, I was joking. Lemme rephrase that.) I think it's normal for people on the otaku world to act like that. Anime seems to be cute, and its cartoon structure makes you think they're all for the kids, but there's always something behind it.  

Though I'm not sure if Will and Nic are two different people or just two personas. Their bios don't contain anything. Well, I guess anonymity is normal to this type of setting - say, forum sites and deviantArt and the like. 

But we do not know who these awesome critics are. Mind if you introduce yourselves to our readers? :)

The blog started on November 2010. They accept review requests so if you want to ask for a review to your favorite anime/manga, or you have a tip, anything they haven't featured yet, you can submit it to them.

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