Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Extreme John: Business to the Extreme, No Cowards Allowed

Define extreme. Limousines? Tanning Salons? Ask John. He deals with these things. No, I'm not kidding. He had been into the limousine business with his Insane Limos™. He is also into indoor tanning business, now with his Extreme Spray Tan™. That's how extreme he does his business.

The layout of the blog is indeed extreme, too. Except for confusing his outfit on the header with a mental jacket (Is that really a mental jacket? I'm not sure.), everything here is extreme - from top to bottom. And, the footer design is wicked.

Extreme, aye? I remembered my review about The Bad Blogger.

Too bad his ebook is not yet released. But I'll wait for that. On the meantime, I think I've had enough social media information than I'll ever need because of my reviewing experience about Pamorama.

Anyways, his posts will surely hit you in the head. (Not literally, though.) I mean, he possesses the attitude he needs to attract readers, I believe he could do it even without the help of social media. Just saying "I sell Limos, man." to his clients is definitely heading for the win!

The Extreme John blog was started on October 2007 and contains 1500+ posts to this date!

While creeping through the archives, I was curious on what he first posted on his blog (besides the intro post). Turned out to be some rant about a food chain. But well, we all had an experience of a bad customer service, haven't we? Too bad the company always take the shame, even if it's the employee's misdoings.

I also noticed that he regularly posts series. To name them:

  • Business Blitz - Posts under the Business Blitz series are business news, tips, and resources that are worth sharing.

  • #Friday Free-For-All - A series of posts for business owners to come together and share ideas about the small business world. Why Friday? Ask Rebecca Black. (Kidding.) It's because Saturday is next to Friday, then Sunday! (Kidding again.) Well, because Friday is when almost all tasks related to your business is done, or put to rest. It's time to refresh your thoughts with these posts and maybe on the coming Monday, you'll do better on your business.

  • Weekly Link Dump - A weekly recap of all the things that happened, were posted, reviewed, and featured at Extreme John.

  • #SundaySmash - Don't quite understand the difference between the Weekly Link Dump except that this is a series of posts that are posted on Sundays. It could be that the Sunday Smash are collections of articles from other sites related to EJ's niche. On the other hand, WLD are from the articles posted on EJ only. 

One particular trendy post that captured my attention was "Google+ (Google Plus) Bitch Slaps Facebook" with that .gif of a footage from some American TV show where a girl (masked with a Google+ icon) slaps another girl (with a Facebook icon on her face). Ahh, it's better to show you than to describe it boringly. Here:

If you know which show this came from please let me know, I'm curious.

Extreme indeed. (I wonder who created this .gif, I bet someone from Tumblr?)

Oh, by the way, if you're extreme enough you can submit a guest post at Extreme John.

* The original title of this post is Extreme John: Business to the Extreme, No Pussies Allowed but I changed it to prevent confusion.

Only the extremeties are allowed at

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