Monday, July 4, 2011

Discover the Full Potential of Social Media at Pamorama

First I thought it was a blog related to photography, but Pamorama is about using the social media as a tool of many trades. It is founded and administered by Pam Dyer, hence the name Pam-orama.

The logo is neat and simple. The theme is also clean. The articles are arranged in a magazine-type layout.

However, I noticed one thing. Since this blog talks about social media, I wondered why they don't have a Facebook page. Despite that, Ms. Pam has a ton of Twitter followers - 46k+ for the win!

I also noticed that she regularly posts infographics - those poster-like images containing relevant information about a certain topic which is usually tandemed with statistics.

What is Social Media?

So you think you know the full potential of social media just because you are on Facebook and Twitter. You must consider reading the following articles and you might be surprised of other things social media can do for you:

The Importance of Social Media

For Business

Why is Social Media important to your business? Read the article "12 Reasons to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business." Nothing's much informative than a post backed up with statistics. The post "How To Calculate the ROI of Enterprise Social Media" is one helpful post for business owners. Another useful post is "How SMBs Allocate Their Social Media Spending."

For Publishers

Social media is indeed a big help for us, online publishers. We use it to bring our published posts to a wider but niche-focused audience. Here are some posts you might want to read:

For Marketers

"How are Marketers Using Social Media?" are for the starters. This post will introduce you on how most marketers today use the social media to the full potential to help leverage their marketing strategies. The following posts are also must-readables:

Pamorama is indeed a blog packed with social media goodness!

Discover the full potential of social media at

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