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The Raw Food Health Watch: Everything Raw and Healthy!

Let's have something refreshing for a post. Raw Food Health Watch is a blog about raw food, as the name suggests. It tackles everything about rawism and educates its readers about healthy living with only raw food at the plates.

When we say raw food, we mean raw - not cooked and not processed. Examples include raw vegetables and fruits, nuts, raw milk, raw fish (sashimi!), raw meat, and other organic foods. Let's begin our journey to rawsomeness!

The Raw Food Health Watch team consists of raw foodists themselves who are based from Ontario, Canada. The blog's mission is to provide education to the ever growing raw enthusiasts community and those who want to know more about raw food before diving in. In here you could read articles related to raw food - diets, recipes, health concerns, even appliances used to make raw food dishes.

Before anything else, I badly want to post this:

Why do I have to blog about food? Augh. I'm so getting hungry now! ;A;

The challenge: Since all I know about raw food is it being raw. I'm going deep into this blog and see what I could learn from it. 

Raw Food Detoxing

I never knew that some parts of our digestive system have hair! Okay, before I freak you out... They are referring to colon cleansing by a raw food detox diet where it cleans the colon walls, reveals those little hair called villi, which are those who absorb the nutrients from your food to your bloodstream. Amazing, right? Also, I wasn't aware that there is such thing as Water Fasting, which derived from the fasting by drinking only water.

Raw Food Recipes

Who doesn't love recipes? They also post recipes in this blog. (Oh gosh, I'm mouthwatering now.)

I learned that for a food to be still qualified as raw, it shouldn't be cooked higher than 46 °C (or 115 °F). And so they suggest you use special appliances for you not to mess with the temperature and the preparation overall.

Raw Kitchen Appliances

As I said, they recommend such appliances and utensils for raw food preparation. For instance you want a veggie pasta, you need a spiral slicer to do the slicing of the veggies to noodle-type shapes. You could not use the real noodles even if it's made from vegetable because it was boiled. (If you know how noodles are made you know what I mean.) And the boiling point of water is 100 °C, higher than the minimum which is 46 °C. In case you wonder how a vegetable could turn into noodles using a spiral slicer:

Photo: Veggie cut for Zucchini noodles. Credits: Diary of a Vegan Girl
Looks good, right? Visit the link on the credits to see the outcome!

Raw Food Diet For Pets

Of course, what could benefit us humans, we could do to our pets, too! (Well, most of the time.) So raw foodists have thought that they could implement the diet to their pets so they could also take advantage of the benefits of the raw food diet.

Raw Food and a Raw Vegetable Diet

To be considered a raw vegan, as they call themselves, you should be atleast on a 75% raw food diet. First I also thought that most vegans would definitely have protein deficiency because they eat no meat. But as what they said... "where do we think animals get it!?" Of course, from the plants they eat. So in fact, vegetables have protein, too. It's not just as plenty as those to be found on meat. But they claim that the amount of protein on the vegetables are enough for us.

Also they mentioned the benefits of being a raw vegan - weight loss to those who are overweight, increased energy, clearer skin, and other chain reactions from being healthy.

In conclusion

After reading this blog, maybe you could be convinced to switching to eating raw foods, if you still are not into it. If you want to know more about raw food and the diet, the Raw Food Health Watch has some videos for you.

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