Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Haptic Reader: Convert Words To Braille!

Introducing the Haptic Reader! It is designed to help blind people read real books. It uses haptics, a technology that plays with the human sense of touch by sending feedbacks to users. The Haptic Reader scans the page of the book and converts it to Braille. The electric signals create the projection of Braille characters on the flat surface.  It also has speakers to help those who cannot read Braille. It can be used as a bookmark, too!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

After A Long Rest: Update v.03

After almost 2 months of being idle, Loading-Info is back on the block! These last two months of the blog's hiatus, the blogger has encountered some problems that needed to be prioritized first. And so I'm back, I'll be posting again some stuff. However, I wouldn't be able to post articles on a daily (constant) basis like what I said with my previous update. But still, information is information. And to inform is to inform. So just stay tuned. See you around. ☺
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