Monday, July 4, 2011

Politicus USA: Talk About Real Liberal Politics

Since today is the Independence Day of the United States of America, I'll be featuring Politicus USA - a blog where events and issues related to US politics are talked about, analyzed, with opinions not influenced by the media or any political parties.

Politicus USA was founded by a lover of politics and writer, Jason Easley. The blog started on February 2008 but the first posts cannot be found and there are just two of them. So the blog officially became active on the news blogosphere on March 2008 with 65 posts in total for the whole month!

Political science is a very critical field. It's one science that we humans created. What made it more critical is its continuity to be a part of our society, it has been an essential part of humanity. But, only a few percentage of us knows what politics really is and what it is all about. We encounter them everyday on the news on the television, newspapers, radio, and now on the Internet. But do you really know what it is all about?

They say that politics is filthy. People kill people. Leaders steal our money. They call politicians alligators, pigs, and any other unsightly creatures they could think of. But we, the normal people, don't really know which is true and which is not.

Others don't want to be a part of it as it is a battleground of people with different intentions - good or evil. Others don't want to participate as they prefer to live a normal life. But how do we define normal? Should corruption be normal? Should idiocy be acceptable? Should we let undeserving people lead us? How could we live a normal life if politics affects each and every one of us?

And so we should always be aware of it all the time. Take a break from celebrity news and gag shows. Here's one that we need to be informed of.

Since I'm not a US resident, I only have a minimal knowledge about the history of America. I don't really know what happened on the Fourth of July, on why they celebrate it as their Independence Day.

I've read about it on Wikipedia. Of course, Wikipedia is one good source of information. But knowing about it from the perspective of a US citizen is a different thing.

An article by Hrafnkell Haraldsson titled "Why We Must Remember American History not Ideology on July 4" is one informative post about what really happened on July 4 that became a part of the American history. It also mentioned how most American these days are becoming idealists instead of being realists.

The Politicus USA consists of many writers who share the same stand on politics and being liberals. If you visit their About page you would see that these are not just people who are passionate about politics, they have done many things that have been influential to the world of politics as well.

Most notable discussions are posts about Sarah Palin which can be found on a category titled Top Sarah Palin Posts mostly written by someone who shared the same first name, Sarah Jones.

Their three-column blog has an active readership also. If you would look at the discussions, the writers are commenting back most of the time.

The theme of their blog which consists of the colors red, blue, and white corresponds to the US Flag as well. And the red, as the color used on some texts especially the links, makes the blog looked fiery. 

To sum up all, most articles here are about serious stuff. Politics, man. But you sure won't be bored as most of the posts have interesting tone, some are even Hilary-ious. 

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