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Have You Read Charles' Quotes?

Who is Charles? Who knows? All I know is he has a website called Quotes of Charles. You can easily guess what he posts there. What!? You still couldn't guess? Quotes, what else. 

Quotes that are powerful.

I noticed its new layout. Before this, the layout is the basic Blogger layout type, so I was hesitating to feature the blog. Good thing I checked the blog again and stumble upon its new look.

It's a brilliant thought to have chosen a minimalist theme. It's kinda rare to Blogger blogs that they have this kind of layout - no sidebar, a very few chosen widgets, and minimum width. Most of these types I've seen mostly on Tumblr blogs.

The Quotes

I've noticed that the first posts are only from last May, so this blog is just new. This blog is home to quotes formed by Charles' thoughts. It could sound as simple as that but after reading a few of his quotes, they left me contemplating about the things that happened in my life and some of the thoughts that bothers me all the time.

"Death is not to be feared. It is inevitable. If you are religious, consider it your transitional period. If you are atheist, consider it your final sleep. Nevertheless, accept it for what it is and focus on living."

As an agnostic atheist,  I find myself disturbed everytime I've thought of death. Will I be nothing when I die? Will my thoughts and memories just vanish? Would I even exist at all? I'm a bit of a futuristic type of a person and my thoughts wander so swiftly even without my control. Is there an afterlife? But as he said, accept it for what it is and focus on what we are and what we have now. Live. 

"Never should we hold onto things that are no longer relevant. What has happened against you is in the past. Let it go. Always be forgiving, but never forgetful. Remember the lesson, never the pain."

I believe that I'm not alone in this. There's some point in our lives where some people just chose to be stupid and hurt you. I myself, I always remember bad memories. However I want not to remember them, I still could. I rarely forgive. That's just the way I made myself. Hurt me once, I'll remember you forever. That is because I believe that once you forgive that person, you're giving them the freedom to repeat what they did to you. Let them feel the regret that they have hurt you once. So they could learn. I would learn so should they. But it is indeed painful. Forgive.

"Many people spend an entire life never doing what they are good at. Never doing what they enjoy. Life is always better when we're doing something we love. Better to not waste time on that which is irrelevant to your happiness."

This also applies to many people. They tend to go with the norms and doing what the society thinks they should do, instead of doing what wanted to do with their life. Fulfill.

"Read a book. You now have knowledge. Take your knowledge and put it into action. You now have experience. Understand what you have learned from combining your knowledge and experience. You now have wisdom."

This is a great quote - to be able to connect the dots between knowledge, experience, and wisdom. It's like... it all starts with a book. Know.

"We are at our best when we are opposed. The force acting against us makes us stronger. Welcome opposition."

Law of inertia. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. A stronger opposition forces us to exert a stronger reaction. Accept.

"Considering "self-confidence" begins with "self", why would you ever look to another to give it to you?"

Yes, only us could put the confidence to ourselves. We have to... Believe.

It would be better, I think, to not put all the quotes in one page. It's better to have one quote per page so we could contemplate it without the distractions of the other quotes.

Overall, this blog is a good feed for those who loves to read inspirational and motivational quotes.

P.S. I also think they should auto-hide the navigation bar, it's a bit of a distraction also. An about page would be awesome as well. And they could change the favicon, too!

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