Saturday, June 25, 2011

Down on the Hub with DownHub

DownHub is a multi-niche blog by the Team DownHub. Topics about finance, automobile, broadband, hardware, Wordpress are among the categories on this blog. The interface is clean. You wouldn't see any third-party widgets - only the ads and those related to the blog such as the recent comments, recent posts, and a search bar. 

The blog, which started last August 2009, is said to be a part of the India Auto Blog Network, hence the auto niche to be included on this blog. It's rare though, to see blogs with posts about automobiles together with posts related to computer and internet stuff. But as their tagline goes, "Stuff that matter." Things like autos and finance do matter.

But of course, most of their posts are geographically targeted, meaning some of them are exclusively for the people in India. This includes the finance stuff related to the Indian economy, the latest automobiles on India, and mobile phones in India.

The rest of the categories, we could relate to. This includes topics about software, hardware, web hosting, SEO, and Wordpress. Although, they also post general tips about mobile phones that all of us could relate to.

However, they haven't used the power of networking. They do not have a Facebook page nor a Twitter account. Social Media has a great part to driving traffic to many websites and blogs. By including the #finance HashTag only, they could gain extra visitors to their blog.

There is also no share buttons, nor a Retweet button. However worth sharing some of their posts are, you still need to enter the Tweet all by yourself.

I've also noticed that they put so much ads on the blog: one below the header, one on the sidebar, three ads inside the posts, and one below the post (InfoLinks).

I hope this isn't one of those blogs where they just provide the articles, put some ads, and make money from it. I've seen a lot of blogs like that.

But, that's just my thought, since they are one of BlogEngage's Platinum sponsors, I think they value gaining visitors as well. I just recommend them to make use of social media, it's totally worth it.

On the other hand, you can gain lots of valuable stuff here, especially if you are from India. They sometimes post discount codes and license keys, too!

Here are some of the posts I recommend:

FinanceLIC Pension Plus plan features, charges return and benefits

AutoMaruti Suzuki Swift 2010 with K series engine

HardwareSeagate Momentus XT fastest hard disk for laptop

WordpressRemove word category from WordPress category link URL

MobileCompare Mobile price

The last post was way March 2011, almost three months ago! I guess, they need a little update there.

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