Monday, June 27, 2011

WP Kube: The Eight Corners of WordPress

A WordPress blog about WordPress. What else are you asking for? A Blogger blog about WordPress? A WordPress blog about Blogger? That doesn't seems right, I think.

WP Kube is a blog about WordPress founded on June 2010 by Devesh Sharma, a 17-year old blogger from India. As of now, the WP Kube team consists of him and another young blogger, Onibalusi Bamidele from YoungPrePro.

The site is so clean. The only things included on the sidebar are the subscription area and the sponsors area. The layout looks so elegant, so does their logo.

Now before we jump into the posts, I would like to pinpoint something for the blogging newbies... vs.

Months ago, that was like - February this year, I created an account on I've been hearing lots of cool stuff about WordPress and I want to try them myself. And so I went to and started creating my blog. Then, there came the time that I would add some widgets. (You know I love widgets.) But to my terror, the page keeps deleting the scripts!

And so I went to the Help area and browse some topics. I then found out about I just realized I landed on the wrong route. (n00bity suckz). I then discovered that and are different sites.

On, you could create your blog under the domain, just like what I have here on Blogger with a .blogspot domain. But, you cannot add scripts for security purposes of the site. You also cannot customize the CSS because it requires a payment. Good thing my blog is more of the wordy types of posts such as reviews.

And as with, it's where we could download the WordPress software by which we could use to create our customized WordPress blog.

Self-hosted Wordpress blogs (which I haven't tried yet), are those WordPress blogs under a web hosting company of your choice using the WordPress platform.

Onto the blog~ 

I noticed that the Archive and Themes pages are still empty. Despite that, they featured their favorite hosting site on their Hosting page. I wonder which one of the two they're currently using for WP Kube is. Hmmm...

On to the posts~ 

The posts are arranged elegantly. The Related Posts are of a thumbnail type so it really looks wickedly clean. You can know the title of the post by hovering over a thumbnail.

They also post the codes block elegantly. However, when selecting the codes, the line number will be included, which might confuse a non-coder if pasted.

Social buttons? Check

On to the posts (for real)~

Here are the posts you don't want to miss:

If you love WordPress, be sure to stop by WP Kube.

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