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Basic Blog Tips: There's More than the Basics

Basic Blog Tips (often abbreviated as BBT) is a blog created and curated by Ms. Ileane Smith. Don't be fooled by the name of this blog! If you think that all you can read here are newbies' stuff, you'll probably be missing lots of the good stuff.

The Exoskeleton of BBT 
 - or the structure, or the layout (you get it, I know you do)

The first thing that grabbed my attention the moment I landed at the main page are the guest posts. Rare it is do we encounter blogs where the thumbnails of the authors are seen on the front page. On most cases, an image related to the post is the first thing you'll see. But there is nothing wrong with that. In an instant, I've seen familiar faces I've always been seeing around the blogosphere and blogging communities. Thus, giving me a hint that this blog is above average - and fun to mingle with.

The number of comments on most posts are impressive. It is a brilliant thought to have included the number of comments above the author's thumbnail; it gives us a hint whether that post is interesting or not. More comments often mean that the discussion is hot. So there's the tip already.

The latest posts are shown in a way where you can speedily* glance through the title of posts.
*Is that even a word? But atleast you get the meaning. EDIT: I Googled it and yes it is a legit word. Ha!
What I meant was how the layout shows each summarized post on the home page - minimal height, max width - which gives more space to more posts and makes scrolling a swift read.

I'm not a big fan of a red text on a white background as staring for too long hurts my eyes (who needs to stare too long for a title anyway?). It's a part of the theme's colors so it's understandable.

Another thing, it is always a good thing to feature your commenters (or commentators). It's not just a token of appreciation but it also gives other readers the idea that participating on the blog can be rewarding. (Who doesn't want to be featured?)

However, the contents of the sidebar are a little bit off. I'm not referring to the affiliate-related contents, (I have them, too!) but the alignment is not quite organized. Also, the footer has the same alignment problems.

But hey, not all bloggers are designers so that is excusable. What's more important than the look - is its contents.

The Body and Soul of BBT 
 - or the contents and the existential part of the blog

Most topics that can be found here are about social media, networking, technology, and blogging - hence the name. Ms. Ileane herself is a blogger, a podcaster, and a social media enthusiast. She has been blogging since 2009.

As what I've mentioned, this blog encompasses guest posts. They almost turn this blog into a community (if it still not is). But what surprised me more is that most participants are well-known bloggers - a proof that guest blogging is not just about link building.

Also, having so many individuals to participate on a blog is a good example of networking itself. Just seeing so many people with both the same interests in blogging and the different interests per field is one awesome community.

For many times I've also noticed that Ms. Ileane made good use of multimedia such as videos. Well, she is indeed a podcaster!

Often you'll see posts about social media tools, which is why this blog is a good stop for those who wants to optimize their social networking experience.

Though it is stated that the blog publish the said topics, it is not limited to them. You could sometimes bump into posts about SEO and marketing.

In Conclusion

If you're looking for basic blog tips and you are willing to break the barriers of the basics while learning the basics (Is that even possible? See for yourself.), Basic Blog Tips is sure worth the visit.

Oh, I forgot to mention - their logo rocks!

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