Monday, June 20, 2011

Photo Mystic: The Mysteries of Photography Unveiled!

Ever asked yourself - "How could this photo be so astonishing?" and you've only got the gush of the wind as an answer? The Photo Mystic blog shall reveal it to you. Photo Mystic is a blog about digital photography by Mr. Thomas Kristensen from Denmark. If you noticed something about the logo, I'll explain my thoughts about it later. But don't misjudge this blog, this isn't about logo designing anyway. Perhaps, read a post or two and you could be convinced that you could gain something valuable at Photo Mystic.

Regarding the header...

This will just be a brief comment about the header. Of course, if your website has a header, it's the first thing the visitors see. So it's quite obvious that the header instantly captured my attention.

I quite don't like it. I really don't like it at all. (Sorry! I need to be honest to what I think.) I'm not saying that it's crap, it is in fact one good header. But the glossy-look text are so '90s. Remember those old HTML days? And the tagline texts are scattered. Plus, the crystal ball... If I hadn't looked closely I never thought it has something to do with the orange background. (Yes, it's like being sucked into the crystal ball.) But! As I said, this blog isn't about logo designing so don't just close the window. You do not want to miss the secrets. A header could be easily replaced anyway. Let's focus on the content.

I See High Quality Photos In Your Future.

Photography interests a lot of us. Mr. Thomas himself, despite having been a software engineer, fell in love with photography as well. Since most people do not have the time for hobbies, our knowledge about them could be stocked. Same goes with photography. Take pictures and you get a photo. But is that what photography is all about? Nope. Why just take photos if you could take them in a way that you could a get better picture of what you are capturing. Enhance it!

Photo Mystic features a lot of things related to photography. Learning photography doesn't end with the technicalities and the standards. A photographer's greatest weapon is the ability to reveal the beauty of a photo.

Let's set this photo as an example:

Photo: The Kronborg Castle. Credits to: Thomas Kristensen
It's created with the popular technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range). From the Photo Mystic gallery, this is my favorite photo. Do I still need to explain why?

If you want to purchase photos from his gallery, they are all available for only $3 each, without the watermark and in high resolution. You can buy them at the Photo Mystic store.

This blog also features reviews about softwares and apps related to digital photography, this includes softwares that are not doing their jobs! Most of the reviews I read are direct to the point, so you would really filter the good products from the crap.

I don't use Adobe Photoshop as my image/photo editing software as I've been using GIMP for years. But for the Photoshop users, they will surely pick useful tips from the tutorials posted on Photo Mystic.

The following are the posts from which I've learned a lot:

Also, you would encounter single-photo posts with great shares of the technique used on the photo. I really enjoyed clicking through a photo post then reading anything behind it - where it was taken, even specific names of plants are pointed out. 

If you are looking for a blog about digital photography, this one's definitely worth the stop.

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