Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blog Engage June 2011 Contest Winners Announced!

Good News <L-I> Readers! I won the first place on BlogEngage's June 2011 contest! *throws confetti* I couldn't have done this without your support. Thank you very much! This post is dedicated you all of you who supported Loading-Info throughout the contest! Let the mentions begin...

First and foremost, I would like to thank two people who introduced me to the BlogEngage community - Argie Monroy and Kira Permunian. I first read about BlogEngage on Argie's blog, SEO Blogger, and I decided to join after reading Kira's entry about BlogEngage on his blog, LS Geekster, and sending me an invitation afterwards.

Second, I would like to thank Mr. Brian Belfitt of SEO Marketing, founder and CEO of BlogEngage, for hosting such awesome contest. And for his hard work on counting the points and managing everything on the contest!

Third and my favorite part, I would like to thank my friends around the blogosphere for the superb support: Christian Esperar of Blogging-Techies, Kira Permunian of LS Geekster, Argie Monroy of SEO Blogger, Bennix Baygas of Bennixville, Kris Edison Macomb of Crypticness and to my new friends Andreea Carmen Făniţă of the LiteratiKent of MyNetGadget, and Mr. Ramcel Gatchalian of The Meek Watcher.

To those who shared their valuable insights by commenting on my article (arranged from first to last):

  1. Mr. Sietse from All You Need Is Lists
  2. Ms. Ileane from Basic Blog Tips
  3. Christian Esperar from Blogging-Techies
  4. Kira Permunian from LS Geekster
  5. Bennix Baygas from Bennixville
  6. Mr. Jun Baranggan from SEO Web Junction
  7. Argie Monroy from SEO Blogger
  8. Greg Alex Mascardo from Android Taicho
  9. Kris Edison Macomb from Crypticness
  10. Ms. Glaiza from Technology-Evolved
  11. HCooke from No Link Provided
  12. Dave Lucas from Dave Lucas
  13. Mr. Ramcel Gatchalian from The Meek Watcher
  14. Andreea Făniţă from the Literati

To those who voted for my article on Blog Engage:

actofrage, kirapermunian, pubpixel, AlisonMooreSmith, usryanflorida, seiflur, budwalker, bbrian017, bloggerBOA, sylviaonwheels, Ileane, jkarphotography, christianesperar, jeevanjacobjohn, TechieGuy, wawuknet, BodynSoil, carlo, shaanhaider, CrypticKris, rijans, TheMeekWatcher, shielaanne, and xwxmanx

To the following who Liked my article on Facebook:

To the following who Retweeted my article on Twitter:

@kirapermunian, @tonyknuckles, @CrypticKris, @ilovemikhael679 and everyone else! Advanced search is limited to only 3 days so I can't find everyone who RTd my article. :( You know who you are. Thank you!

And to the sponsors:

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Grow Small Business Profits - Online Degree Information - Raw Food Health
How to live Younger - Michael J. Weiss Law Office - Engage Content Marketing Blog
Technology Blog - The Bad Blogger - Trending Poetry
Sponsor a Child - All You Need Is Lists!

Platinum Sponsors

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Gold Sponsors

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Be Free Blog Set - 113 Tid Bits
The Awesome Critics - Baby Boomer Talk Online
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Work at Home Job Resources - A Health Blog - Jane Sheeba Blogging Tips

In the meantime, here's something for Argie as requested (haha):

I'll treat you (for real) when we bloggers meet anytime in the future. Ha! :D

Again, even though I've already mentioned this on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+:

Thank you to everyone who supported me throughout the contest!

P.S. If you want to join for the July contest, read this. 
P.P.S. The contest is no more, read this instead.
Geekfully yours, 
Gian Faye
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Guest Blogger Contest Articles and Reviews for June

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