Sunday, June 19, 2011

eFlowerTips: Expand Your Knowledge With Flowers

Who doesn't love a bouquet of freshly picked flowers? eFlowerTips is a newly bloomed blog - just created this month of June. It posts everything about flowers, which is quite obvious. Since this is just a new blog there's only a number of posts you could read. But if you read all of them, you might want to start creating your own flower garden.

Talking about flowers seems to lack something, because we couldn't smell them. I wish there's a technology where we could transfer fragrance via the internet. That could be a little scary thought but if it's possible, why not?

Imagine a spray bottle on your desk that's connected to your laptop via a USB port where you could receive data. Then, chemical inside the bottle will produce the fragrance based from those data you received. Makes sense for online perfume shops. But I could think of other things we do not want to witness in the future. As the internet is filled with malicious folks, they could send something you wouldn't like.

Okay, let's go back to reality. (Before I get too far from the topic.) What we're dealing with here are flowers. Flowers bud, flowers bloom, flowers wither. That's reality. But the best thing about flowers is how their short-lived life gave beauty to our world.

This blog posts about flower arranging and flower gardening. I remembered the last time I arranged flowers was when I was 11. To think of it, I have been so far from nature now. I face the computer everyday. A fresh flowers in a vase on the side of my desk will cure my over-mechanical life, even for a while. It's best to make them look pretty so everytime you glance at them you feel satisfied.

Here are 5 articles from eFlowerTips I liked:

In case you are like me who sits in front of the computer everyday, you might forget what flowers look like so here's something for your eyes to see.

Photo: Chrysanthemum in bloom. Credits to: MOHMAND1
Photo: A daisy. Credits to: yuki0no0hana.
Photo: Marigold. Credits to: Melanie O
Photo: A bright red rose. Credits to: James_Seattle

Could you guess which of the flowers above is my favorite?

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