Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Technology is Technically Easy to Understand

We techies raise our eyebrows everytime we encounter modern people who are so against the use of technology. Worst cases are when these people are having conflicts with you because of that matter. I myself had experienced arguing with old geezers just because they don't understand what I'm doing in front of the computer. 

They always blab that I'm wasting my time on my computer and that the Internet could not and will not provide food for me in the future. (Let's see about that.) Actually, I'm not referring to they, it's just one person - my technophobe father.

I'm not including much more personal details here than that. I know this may make it sound like a rant but whatever. Why do some people isolate themselves from technology? To think that these days, it is becoming a part of our society. Before, only the geeks access computers. Now, almost every household on the planet (except the rural areas, of course) have their own pc, or mac, or any computing device existing today.

Is technology that difficult to understand?

Actually, there is nothing difficult to understand if you are open-minded. Technology are invented by humans. We created them. There's nothing to be feared about them. There's no reason to hate them, too. They're just machines for goodness sake.

Is it because of the jargons and unfamiliar terminologies? That isn't a big problem now as you can search anything with Google. Is it because of how unnatural these devices look like? Humans like us designed them, not some alienated beings. Is it because it is changing our lives? Yes, it is. But every improvement is for the better. 

Before when bicycles were first invented, most despise it because of how unnatural it looked. When the radio was invented, most despise it because they believe there's a demon inside. But all of these has been functional to humans. Because of bikes, we could commute without the use of animals and fueled-machines. Because of radios, people back then were informed of the latest news and events, plus the music. 

Technically Easy is one tech blog which purpose is to make technology easy to understand even to non-techie folks. TE and L-I almost have the same goal - to use words that are not foreign to anyone. If there are words that cannot be translated to easy words, we'll make sure that we explained what those words or terms mean.

Technology is as easy as Q-W-E-R-T-Y.

Making technology easy to understand at technicallyeasy.net.

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