Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Internet Marketing Concerns? Shout for Jack Humphrey!

No, this is not Jack Daniels - it's Jack Humphrey! He's an internet marketing consultant with a blog. It may sound as simple as that but (there's always a but!) his is one blog you should not miss. He also authored a book about link building which he called "Power Linking". He talks about internet marketing and all those stuff - to help you survive on the online market.

Before I was to make this review, the blog looked like this:

I was about to comment how typical it looked but then it suddenly changed to this:

I liked the new one better. Black and red is such a strong combination - fits best on any marketing-related blog.

Second thing I noticed about the layout is how clean the sidebar is! He managed to pick only the widgets relevant to his blog. (I admit that this is something I cannot do, if you glance at the right. ->)

Well, according to him, it's a way to increase your subscribers

Anyways, since the blog contains minimal widgets, the readers will be focused on the content - which is a good thing. Though the first post goes just way back last April 2011, it seems to be that it's connected to another site of Mr. Jack which is the FridayTrafficReport.com. So in general, this blog is somewhat a personal blog loaded with information regarding his expertise.

I have signed up to be one those who gets the Power Linking 2011 ebook. I'm not sure if I'll get it for free, though. It's not mentioned there. If the blog has been more than 3 months old I suggest it to have an archive widget or a page. It would also be great if per article there is a Retweet button so I could easily share it to Twitter.

Here's my favorite article on his blog: "The Content Curation Guide For Bloggers". I've also watched The Information Sharing Revolution webinar, but I did not finish it. First, it is sure packed with unique information in the beginning that will get you wrapped up. It talked about a little history about how information was shared before, and that this new era is about Curation - the era of creation has passed. That the World Wide Web is overloaded with information, we need more ideas. He made some good points.

But after almost an hour, I didn't know when it'll be finished because the duration of the webinar hasn't been specified. And I have many things to do so I'm not sure if it would take hours more. Most of the things he said are step-by-step processes which are quite obvious (for someone who has a common sense), like estimation of the time you would spend on creating a blog, etc. etc. I think it should have been more focused on the topic, the webinar has been an example of information overload itself.

Going back to the blog, in the future I'm expecting to see more posts about content development, internet marketing, local marketing, more product reviews, and social marketing. As of now, we have to wait for more articles.

Visit Jack's blog at www.jackhumphrey.com/blog.

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