Thursday, July 7, 2011

Read Social Media News Commentary on 113Tidbits

113Tidbits of Commentary is a blog by Tony Greene aka. tonyknuckles. This blog is a collection of various topics that miraculously go with the interest of his readers. But seriously, when I landed at the page, all I encountered was Mr. Confusion.

What makes me confused about 113Tidbits? There are lots of texts, lots of jargons I'm not familiar with, and the posts are not aligned properly - I cannot distinguish between the title of the posts and the categories. There's so many things facing me that instant I landed at the main page. When I went to the About page, the page contains info about the author, not about what the blog is all about. 

Good thing I went to their Facebook page and read the description. Uhm, it says "the weirdest blog that covers a variety of subjects." Now I know why I'm confused. The blog itself is a collection of eccentricity that may confuse the first time visitors.

When I glanced at the sidebar, there I saw the Topics widget. I told myself, "Good grief, now it'll be easy to guess know what this blog posts about." I clicked the drop down arrow and BAM! I saw an Adam Levine category with 45 posts. I was like, "WTF I thought this isn't a music blog." (If you didn't know, Adam Levine is the frontman of Maroon 5.) Since I'm a music lover, I accepted it with all hopes high. 

But when I landed at the Adam Levine category, all hopes seem to disappear to nowhere. All I saw was posts about Facebook! So, Adam Levine is now Facebook... I see.

"This is getting weirder than I have expected," I told myself.

As I jumped to another category to the next one, slowly then I realize that this blog is full of entertainment. YouTube videos are posted with the author's comments about the video, sometimes giving birth to another awesome ideas or another odd thoughts.

But this is not just pure entertainment, from time to time you will encounter informative posts such as this one: "How To Keep Adsense Heart Beating" where they tackle the things we need to know about making our Adsense venture alive despite the struggles you may encounter along the way.

If you would visit their Facebook fan page, you may stumble upon to giveaways. Who doesn't love giveaways!? But when I visited their page, I missed their latest awesome giveaway. :(

Anyways, I visited their PR Kit page and discovered a hell lot of PR* packages for advertisers they could provide. It ranges from sponsored blogposts, Tweets, Facebook posts, banners, to hosting giveaways and announcing press releases. First I've seen from a blog.

*Public Relations not Page Rank ;)

They also have a community powered by BlogFrog. Other interesting posts from 113Tidbits can be read from the Science and Technology, Entertainment, and Current Events categories.

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