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Authopublisher Teaches You About Self-Publishing

Anything a writer needs to know from the writing process to the publishing of his/her work is included on this blog. Authopublisher is founded and maintained by Mr. Ivin Viljoen - all the way from from Johannesburg, South Africa. The blog name seems to be a portmanteau of the the words author and publisher - signifying that the author himself could publish his own book even without the help of publishing companies.

At first, I was confused with what self-publishing means. I thought it was like... publishing yourself - but that seems an odd thought. But then from just glancing at the blog you'll know what it means. 

Upon subscription, you will receive a free ebook - "Self Publishing: How To Write, Print, & Sell Your Own Book ". This 26-page ebook is packed with tips on how to write a good book and guides to publishing your book.

On the first chapters, it'll teach you on how to pick the right genre for your book and whether it'll be fiction or non-fiction. It also includes tips on researching the things you'll include in the book. It's the first time I knew that other authors even take classes to widen their knowledge and to craft their research well. I also learned of the different techniques on how writers create their novels. Some make drafts from the first to the last happenings on the novels; others prefer to go with the flow and see what they'll form as an ending.

It also encompasses the rewriting and proofreading processes -

Why should you not hesitate to rewrite a large portion of your draft? Because rewriting is a part of the writing process, like how exhaling is a part of our breathing process. If you inhale more, you should exhale the equal amount of air you inhaled, else you'll turn violet. (What an analogy.) So don't ask more.

Why is it very important to proofread your work yourself and make others proofread it as well? I once bought an instructional book and pointed out some typographical errors. On novels or fiction books it could be a little bit tolerable, but on technical books - no. Single errors could mean a lot, most especially on programming books where codes are so needed to be correct before it would run. On the other hand, grammatical errors are quite not acceptable on novels or fiction books as most of the time they're telling a story. One grammatical error could change the meaning of a sentence, which has the possibility to change the story as well. Thus, it would bring confusion to your readers.

After those processes, there's the publishing of your book. (Yay!) Guides on how to look for self publishers online are included in the chapter. Then goes the last parts: printing, copy editing, and - marketing! Of course, who would read your book if only you knew about it. (Duh.)

Where Bloggers Become Published Authors

Authopublisher is updated almost twice a day. The posts include How-Tos, Writing Tips, Blogging Tips, Interviews, and the latest news to anything related to writing and publishing. They even have weekly features where a focused topic is posted on an assigned day - Motivational Monday, Tutorial For Twitter, Theme Thursday, Follow Friday, Facebook Friday, and Self-Pub Saturday. Where to look about self-publishing when you have here a self-publishing expert himself?

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