Sunday, June 26, 2011

Want a Degree Online? Get the Right Info at

Who ever thought that you couldn't have a degree without going to school? Time and technology has pushed our lives farther that what we could ever imagine a decade ago. And so our lifestyle has encountered a great transition. And now, you could take courses online and be accredited. However, you need to have the right information about online courses before you go into action, else your efforts will go to waste.

There are lots of reasons why a person might choose to enroll on an online course program. We need not to justify that those who take courses online are lazy or anti-social freaks. I've heard many things like these. But you don't know why a person might need it.

She's a Stay At Home Mom. She needs to be at home all the time. She might need to take a course as an accomplishment for herself because she was not able to finish her college degree when she was still young. She decided that she would enroll in an online course program.

He's disabled. An unfortunate event struck him that made him lose both of his legs. He cannot walk to the university. He can be accompanied but he doesn't want to depend to others all the time. He still wants to finish a degree. This was his dream and he needs to fulfill it. He decided that he would apply for an online degree.

He needed time. He believed that the time he spent commuting instead of learning is wasted. He thinks that he does not need to follow the norms of having to enroll in a university and doing all those extracurricular stuff he couldn't use in the future. He wants to master his field in a matter of time. He chooses to enroll in an online university.

These are just a few reasons why some people prefer enrolling for an online degree. So we need not to discriminate those who chose to get an online degree. offers an easy search interface for lots of available subjects you can take online. This includes Arts, Humanities, Business, Health Sciences, Technology, Science, Math & Engineering, and more.

My favorite part of the site is the Resources page. This is like a complete Table of Contents of how to help you on your school life and make the best out of it. It also includes guides, how-tos, tips, and everything a learner needs to know.

My personal picks of their articles are as follows:

Getting StartedHow To Find An Online University That Suits Your Needs

AccreditationWhat Is The Accreditation Process, How Does It Work, And Why Is It Important?

College Life10 Ways To Help You Balance School And Family Life

Finances9 Easy Ways To Create a Budget While in College

Life After CollegeTop 10 Highest Paying Occupations

By the way, I like their 'Page Not Found' page. :)

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