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BlogEngage: Why Bloggers Should Engage as Early as Now

BlogEngage is not just a social network for bloggers, it's a community comprising of those who are passionate about blogging. For some, blogging is just about posting something on the web. Others mind some technicals like driving traffic to their blogs and gaining visitors. However, others believe that we should engage with other bloggers as well.

Advantages of Engaging with the Blogging Community:
  1. You get to know other people. Let me rephrase the last part, 'other awesome people'.
  2. By getting to know more people, you are exposing yourself (and your blog) to not just improvement but as well as opportunities you never thought you could gain.
  3. You can learn more from others. There are some things you just couldn't learn by yourself.
  4. When you hop out of your safe zone, you are getting more adventurous. 
  5. That means more fun! Fun fun fun~
  6. You gain new friends.

So what can you get from BlogEngage which you cannot get from other communities?

Well, it's not all about 'getting' something. Being a part of a community is cool. What's better if you could do more than just being a part of it. Here are some features on BlogEngage you don't want to miss:

Voting System for your Articles

As you can see, there is this green button at the end of every post here at L-I. If you are a member, you can vote for the articles which you find helpful. Vote up? Vote down? It depends on you. When you gathered enough votes your article shall then be featured on the home page of BE. Thus, exposing them to other folks who might be interested on your article. That's plus visitors to your blog!

Guest Blogging

Now what can you gain from guest blogging? Again, it's not all about 'gaining' something. Being a part of a blog, especially a blog of a blogging community, is an awesome feeling. Chain reactions include more exposure to you and your blog, more visitors, and more opportunities.

RSS Syndication

This feature allows you to automatically submit your new posts on BlogEngage and five other sites. 


This by far is my favorite part about BE. Who doesn't love contests? BlogEngage hosts a monthly contest for bloggers and you don't wanna miss the prizes. Well, contests are not all about 'winning'. Being a part of it is cool enough, winning is just a bonus. They are currently hosting the guest blogging contest for June. And I'm joining! :)

Special thanks to BlogEngage sponsors for making this contest possible:

Contest Hosted By

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Also, thanks to Argie Monroy of SEO Blogger for introducing me to BlogEngage and Kira Permunian of LS Geekster Online for sending me an invite.

The bottomline here is - "Blogging is not just about blogging; being a part of the blogging community is more awesome."

As of now, BlogEngage is open for invited users only. If you want to register, let me know and I'll send you an invitation to join. Just comment here or - use the Contact form so you need not to publicize your email address.

UPDATE! My guest post has been approved. Here it is:

UPDATE! I won the contest! :D Read my post:

BlogEngage is founded by Brian Belfitt of SEO Marketing
Visit for more info.

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