Tuesday, July 12, 2011

GeoSurf: Choose Your Own Location To Surf - No Hassle!

What if you can choose the location you are in while surfing the web? You can do that by setting your IP address. But what if you just want to set your location without getting your hands into these technical details? Or you are in a hurry and have no time to guess and search for a ton of IP addresses on the web without even knowing if it's safe to do so? Here is your solution - GeoSurf.

GeoSurf is a toolbar you can install on your browser that lets you easily change your surfing location from one country to another.

Who can use GeoSurf?


If you are an advertiser who wants to know what's up with your ads on a certain location, you can check it using GeoSurf. You can even observe what your competitor does with their ads as well!


For out of the country folks: If you miss your home country, you can always browse your favorite sites locally using GeoSurf!

The Explorer Geeks

What to know what's the latest entertainment news on France? You can use GeoSurf to check Yahoo! France for the latest local gossips on France!

Web Developers

This is important especially for those who make online systems such as online shopping or sales and inventory systems. You can easily check if your geo-detection program works or not. 

Regular Surfers

Watching a YouTube video that's not available in your country? With GeoSurf at hand, you can watch unlimited videos you want to watch. No need to pout at that notice and complain where you live.


The Starter package is just $29/month. It includes their GeoView feature - where you can view real-time snapshots of websites as they appear in different locations.

For the full list of their Pricing refer to the table below.

Click to enlarge.

"Why would I want to pay for GeoSurf if there are free alternatives?"

You can search for the web for free alternatives. I myself had searched before on ways to surf using a different location just so I can watch the latest music video of my favorite artist on Vevo. I have installed a number of extensions but even if I'm a self-proclaimed computer geek I couldn't understand how they work - because they're too complicated. It took me days before I have searched for one Firefox extension that could easily change my surfing location.

But I always encounter the following errors using that free Firefox extension I mentioned. (I even have managed to screen cap the error messages while making this post! - Because it always occur.)

And another error message from the same free Firefox extension...

Better resort to a sure, safe, and hassle-free way to surf, right?

GeoSurf is available for Firefox and Internet Explorer and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, and iPhone.

You can sign up for their Free 5-day Trial now. Visit GeoSurf.com.

GeoSurf™ by BIScience is a straight-forward toolbar that enables users to access premium proxy servers in 80+ global locations to surf geo-targeted local content from other areas.

This is a sponsored post.

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