Thursday, June 16, 2011

Princessa's Royal Diary: Pink has never been so Royal!

From the moment you step into the castle, erhm I mean the blog, you'll notice that there's something pinky going on. Not a nanosecond has passed and you would realize that in fact, everything here is pink. There wouldn't be an inch parameter that you wouldn't be seeing the color pink.

But that is just a glimpse of who the princess is. Sabrina, the Princessa (princess + Sabrina) of this blog, talks about beauty and glamour - everything a girl needs to know.

Who is Princessa?

Quoted from her blog:
"Summoned to earth disguised as a commoner to show people what greatness is, I am actually a Princess/Supermodel/Rockstar from my world. Armed with all things PINK, I set out to make things better. In between my manicures."
Princessa's Royal Diary features shops and beauty products. But before that, I'd like to point out how glamorous the blog design is. What most personal blogs lack on their blogs are the personal touch of the person himself/herself. Sounds confusing, I know. Just look at a large beautiful photo of hers in the header and you'll get what I'm trying to tell you. 

However, I couldn't visit the About and the Gallery pages. It could be that the page is still on the process of creation so I'll stay tuned about that. Another note about the layout, it would be better if the ads below the navigation be removed because there are ads on the sidebar already. Plus, the height of the header has already moved the contents so far below the upper portion of the blog. It is always a better practice to show the contents immediately because they're mostly the reason why the blog is visited. 

Girls are so materialistic. 

It is never a bad thing to be so materialistic. Most girls value aesthetics. Let's mention the quote "Diamonds are the girls' bestfriend." Why do girls love diamonds? It's not just because of the value of diamonds (though it's a big factor), it's also because the diamond reflects light beautifully which makes it hard to not to set your eyes upon it.

For girls only? 

Nope. Despite all things girly, this blog could give you a hint of what a girl wants. Not bad if you are having a hard time thinking what to give your girl for her birthday. Princessa featured online shops where you could purchase bags of such glamour, must-wear jewelry, and beauty products she recommends. She sometimes posts discount codes and coupons - so you could shop for more! She also posts events from the fashion world and things she posts on her

A woman's voice.

Thinking that all you can read here are beauty stuff? Wait 'til you read this post: "Negative Reputations and Brand Defense in Search Engines". She talked about how people sometimes think our persona online always reflects our real self. Also, don't think that a woman like her wouldn't post techie stuff. Check out her reviews of Nokia X6 and Canon Digital Ixus 870.

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