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Find All The Answers You Seek With Jane Sheeba

This one's another great resource for blogging tips. Find All Answers (FAA) is a blog by Jane Sheeba, Ph.D. This blog's main topics include self-improvement, personal development, and human relationships. Do you have a question needed to be answered? Maybe you could find all the answers with Ms. Jane Sheeba.

Like other blogs, FAA also offers free ebooks upon subscription. So I signed up. I first had problems about not receiving the ebooks but then I contacted Ms. Jane and received them in a sec. The first one is "Pro Blogging For Newbies" and the second one is "Your Guide To Better Time Management".

Pro Blogging For Newbies

FAA came live last August 2010, just like Loading-Info. But Ms. Jane has been blogging since 2007, and I just started blogging (the real thing, not Tumblr-like/Live Journal blogging) on the day I created L-I. And so I can say that everything included on the ebook are worth the read from a pro herself.

This ebook covers the things a newly born blogger needs to know. I hope I had read this at an earlier date so I could make use of most of them. Anyhow, most of things included on this ebook could be helpful for a newbie. It saves the time of discovery. 

For instance, the difference between the .com Wordpress and the self-hosted Wordpress. Long ago, I really didn't know that these are two different things. I first thought that by having a Wordpress blog is simply signing up for one on But then when I started adding scripts, I couldn't. I then discovered that the Wordpress I've been hearing is the self-hosted one. If I only could have known it I should have saved my time.

So this is a must-read for those who wants to start at the right track.

Your Guide To Better Time Management

This is a part I'm most guilty of - time management. Ever since I was a child this has been my problem. And so I made a research about the problems connected with improper time management. This ebook lets you know how to effectively manage your time, the benefits of it, causes of improper time management, and tips you could use for work.

Making a to-do list is obviously the most common way to track what you need to do. It is the advisable technique if you want a productive day ahead. Though I've been making to-do lists myself, I still end up not completing it! And after I read this ebook, I've known why - I just have so many things on my list. So it is instructed that we know how much task we could do on a specific time.

But the problem is, what if we don't? I'm the type of person (not being a narcissist here, just an example) that doesn't like schedules. You know why? When you set something to do, we are locking that time in the future for a specific task. What if we suddenly lost interest in doing it and want to do something else instead? Of course, there are some exceptions like projects you need to do at work. I guess we need to be flexible with our time.

Anyhow, I've learned on this ebook about delegation - that is breaking down of specific tasks to other people, just like outsourcing. It's a good tip if you have other things you need to do, and that you could assign these tasks to other people. This ebook also includes which tasks should be assigned to whom and how to pick the right person to do it.

Going back to the blog, Find All Answers could be your one-stop to search for all the answers you long sought for. I didn't mean ALL, obviously. You could just Google anything and read it on Wikipedia. BUT, there are those you could not find on Google such as things to motivate you. Can you just type "Things that motivate me" on Google? Yes. But sadly, you wouldn't get the right answers.

On FAA, they talk about things to keep that relationship going, what to do to improve yourself, and all things that can help you uplift your personality.

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