Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When All You Need Is Lists... Call For The Master Lister!

Sometimes, gathering information is often accompanied by boredom because of too much details swimming in front of you. There's Mr. Paragraph, waiting for you to slice him into sentences for you to see its body and understand its meaning. But worry no more ~ The Master Lister is here!

"All you need is lists," he speaks in a calm assuring voice. 


Dragon Blogger: The Flaming Hot Technotainment Blog

As we are now in the era of smartphones and computers, there are a bunch of technology blogs sprouting everywhere. They feature the latest news about technology, gadget reviews, startup companies to large corporations, and anything related to our digital experience. But the Dragon Blogger is not your typical tech blog.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meet The Blog Design Team

Contents are the most important components of a blog. On the other hand, the layout serves as its face. The blog design is the presentation of the blog's content. With bad presentation, your blog sure serves some unsightly impression. 


Small Business Finance: Helping You GROW Your Business' Profits

A money tree. This is the most common symbol for a business which main goal is to grow its profits, making more money out of your business. Small Business Finance Forum Blog is not a place for those who wants to earn easy money in an instant. Despite that, they'll make sure your financing endeavors wouldn't be as boring as your typical finance advisor.


Monday, June 27, 2011

The Meek Watcher Watches Over Your Blogging Career

The Meek Watcher is a blog by a fellow Pinoy blogger, Mr. Ramcel Gatchalian. This blog is all about blogging - from starting your blogs, writing content, publishing your posts, getting a readership, and all things that will help you throughout your blogging career.


WP Kube: The Eight Corners of WordPress

A WordPress blog about WordPress. What else are you asking for? A Blogger blog about WordPress? A WordPress blog about Blogger? That doesn't seems right, I think.

WP Kube is a blog about WordPress founded on June 2010 by Devesh Sharma, a 17-year old blogger from India. As of now, the WP Kube team consists of him and another young blogger, Onibalusi Bamidele from YoungPrePro.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Want a Degree Online? Get the Right Info at

Who ever thought that you couldn't have a degree without going to school? Time and technology has pushed our lives farther that what we could ever imagine a decade ago. And so our lifestyle has encountered a great transition. And now, you could take courses online and be accredited. However, you need to have the right information about online courses before you go into action, else your efforts will go to waste.


Girl With A Purpose: Because Every Girl Has

Girl With A Purpose (GWAP) is a blog by Ms. Gillian Campbell, a Strategic Marketing Consultant. Though this blog is not related to marketing, she believes in empowering people to make better personal and business decisions. As their tagline goes, "This blog is dedicated to the empowerment of girls and young women."


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Get The Most Interesting News Only at News Mania

News could be as boring as hell. And news is consistent, and will always exist. Today there's news, tomorrow there'll be news. As long as there is time and humanity, there is news. Its repetitive existence and inevitability feed us whether we like it or not. 

Good thing, News Mania made it easy for you to chose only the news that's interesting. Enough of that price hike news, let's hear some cats bark.


Down on the Hub with DownHub

DownHub is a multi-niche blog by the Team DownHub. Topics about finance, automobile, broadband, hardware, Wordpress are among the categories on this blog. The interface is clean. You wouldn't see any third-party widgets - only the ads and those related to the blog such as the recent comments, recent posts, and a search bar. 


Friday, June 24, 2011

Start Your Online Business NOW with Sales Maximus

It's not about making money. It's about starting your online business. This is mainly the message of Sales Maximus, a blog by Adarsh Thampy who has been blogging since 2005. He believes that plainly making money from Adsense and affiliate marketing is not enough, you should start your own business now. And they'll teach you how.


Have You Read Charles' Quotes?

Who is Charles? Who knows? All I know is he has a website called Quotes of Charles. You can easily guess what he posts there. What!? You still couldn't guess? Quotes, what else. 

Quotes that are powerful.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Build Your Dream Greenhouse with Mini Greenhouse Kits

Love gardening? Ever wanted to build a greenhouse of your own? Don't know where to start? If you answered yes to all these questions, you're now set to start fulfilling this dream. Mini Greenhouse Kits is a blog that covers articles, tutorials, and information about a wide range of topics in agriculture. If you ever hesitated to enter the world of culturing plants, now's the right time to be informed.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Build. Rank. Profit. - Your Way to Make Money w/ Niche Websites

Build Rank Profit is about building niche websites, make them rank the highest they can be, and let the visitors be converted to money. It's as easy as that. This three-column blog, by Mr. Alex Whalley, is a combination of how-tos, tricks and tips, and latest trends about anything web-related - all of them eventually pushes you out of your couch, makes you sit back to it, and be more productive on the online world full of opportunities. By that, I mean money.


Be frugal, Scoop some Coupons with The Coupon Scoop!

Due to the status of the economy worldwide, fru-gals and anyone who want to save money turn to coupons for discounts. There are lots of sites that offer coupon codes and promotional discounts on various types of stores - whether they are online, shops with physical locations, or both. 


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to Live Younger with Lorraine Maita, MD

How To Live Younger is a health blog by Lorraine Maita, MD - a physician with almost 18 years of experience on Internal Medicine and Preventive Health and Wellness. She authored a book titled "Vibrance For Life: How To Live Younger and Healthier". On her blog she shares health tips and information which benefits each one of us. Her goal is to help you live a long and healthy life. 


Internet Marketing Concerns? Shout for Jack Humphrey!

No, this is not Jack Daniels - it's Jack Humphrey! He's an internet marketing consultant with a blog. It may sound as simple as that but (there's always a but!) his is one blog you should not miss. He also authored a book about link building which he called "Power Linking". He talks about internet marketing and all those stuff - to help you survive on the online market.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Get Informed About Medical Malpractice With Atty. Weiss

This is the official blog of the Law Office of Michael J. Weiss, a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It covers the things you should know about medical malpractice and the actions you could take to help you voice out your rights. Why should you be informed about these things? Accidents and unfortunate events do happen. You should know what to act in case they do.


Photo Mystic: The Mysteries of Photography Unveiled!

Ever asked yourself - "How could this photo be so astonishing?" and you've only got the gush of the wind as an answer? The Photo Mystic blog shall reveal it to you. Photo Mystic is a blog about digital photography by Mr. Thomas Kristensen from Denmark. If you noticed something about the logo, I'll explain my thoughts about it later. But don't misjudge this blog, this isn't about logo designing anyway. Perhaps, read a post or two and you could be convinced that you could gain something valuable at Photo Mystic.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

eFlowerTips: Expand Your Knowledge With Flowers

Who doesn't love a bouquet of freshly picked flowers? eFlowerTips is a newly bloomed blog - just created this month of June. It posts everything about flowers, which is quite obvious. Since this is just a new blog there's only a number of posts you could read. But if you read all of them, you might want to start creating your own flower garden.


Find All The Answers You Seek With Jane Sheeba

This one's another great resource for blogging tips. Find All Answers (FAA) is a blog by Jane Sheeba, Ph.D. This blog's main topics include self-improvement, personal development, and human relationships. Do you have a question needed to be answered? Maybe you could find all the answers with Ms. Jane Sheeba.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Authopublisher Teaches You About Self-Publishing

Anything a writer needs to know from the writing process to the publishing of his/her work is included on this blog. Authopublisher is founded and maintained by Mr. Ivin Viljoen - all the way from from Johannesburg, South Africa. The blog name seems to be a portmanteau of the the words author and publisher - signifying that the author himself could publish his own book even without the help of publishing companies.

The Raw Food Health Watch: Everything Raw and Healthy!

Let's have something refreshing for a post. Raw Food Health Watch is a blog about raw food, as the name suggests. It tackles everything about rawism and educates its readers about healthy living with only raw food at the plates.

When we say raw food, we mean raw - not cooked and not processed. Examples include raw vegetables and fruits, nuts, raw milk, raw fish (sashimi!), raw meat, and other organic foods. Let's begin our journey to rawsomeness!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Calm your T*ts. It's The Bad Blogger. Problem?

This post contains things not suitable for very young readers. Parental guidance is advised. If you are easily offended by these things, but could tolerate a little - I advise you to still continue reading as there's something behind the name you wouldn't want to ignore.

The Bad Blogger is a blog by the Bad Blogger himself - Mr. Wong Chendong. This blog is an amalgamation of Sexy Babes and Money. 

Read at your own risk.

The Brick Marketing Blog Promises Visibility and Success

Let's see... It is often an advice that when you have a company, better have an online presence - and best to have a blog.

That's what Brick Marketing did. They are an SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) company based in Boston, U.S.A. And this is their blog, ready for us to explore.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Princessa's Royal Diary: Pink has never been so Royal!

From the moment you step into the castle, erhm I mean the blog, you'll notice that there's something pinky going on. Not a nanosecond has passed and you would realize that in fact, everything here is pink. There wouldn't be an inch parameter that you wouldn't be seeing the color pink.

But that is just a glimpse of who the princess is. Sabrina, the Princessa (princess + Sabrina) of this blog, talks about beauty and glamour - everything a girl needs to know.


Trending Poetry: When Twitter Trends Became Poems

Ever wonder what purpose does Twitter Trends serve? Well, it's for letting us know about the latest most tweeted topics. Another purpose? I can't think of any more.

Not until Persian Poetess started to create Trending Poetry, a blog of poems inspired by the latest trending topics on Twitter.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Engage: The Blog - Do You Know What To Do With That Content?

One of the best characteristics of a blog is being influential. After reading just a few articles from Engage: The Blog, some of my ideologies which I have been sticking to for so long have been brought to a battleground. 

Engage: The Blog is a multi-authored blog by TMG - The Magazine Group, Inc. It focuses on content management, content creation, strategies, ideas, innovation, anything related to content marketing.


Basic Blog Tips: There's More than the Basics

Basic Blog Tips (often abbreviated as BBT) is a blog created and curated by Ms. Ileane Smith. Don't be fooled by the name of this blog! If you think that all you can read here are newbies' stuff, you'll probably be missing lots of the good stuff.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BlogFest 2011: An Appreciation Event For Blogs and Bloggers

You must be wondering what this is all about. BlogFest is an event I'll be hosting on Loading-Info where I'll be featuring blogs from June 15th to the 30th. This should be a whole month event but an unexpected event had pushed it halfway of June. On this event I'll be posting reviews of blogs from a list I've gathered from BlogEngage.

Kindle For Aussies, anyone?

Being a non-US resident is really one hell of a headache when purchasing electronics that are exclusively manufactured and sold on the United States. The tendency of some is to purchase from someone from their country who order by bulk or wholesale, to be then sold in retails. But you should beware, always.

Monday, June 13, 2011

PunchTab: The Rewards Program For Your Blog + A Giveaway!

While I was Googling for some giveaways to participate into, I stumbled upon a giveaway post. I noticed it has a different way of gathering your entries. The typical way to enter blog giveaways is to provide your entries on the comments section of the post. Having so many entries will probably clutter your post, especially if all comments are shown by default. (I have even seen hundreds of entries on one page!) However, this giveaway I entered is using PunchTab to gather and manage entries; and it's been as smooth as shooting your mail on the mailbox (using your imagination perhaps).

Friday, June 3, 2011

BlogEngage: Why Bloggers Should Engage as Early as Now

BlogEngage is not just a social network for bloggers, it's a community comprising of those who are passionate about blogging. For some, blogging is just about posting something on the web. Others mind some technicals like driving traffic to their blogs and gaining visitors. However, others believe that we should engage with other bloggers as well.

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