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Introduction (If you don't like intros, skip 2 paragraphs.)

First thing that I want to let you know is that I defy redundancy. Because of that, Loading-Info is NOT a news blog. One of the reasons why L-I exists is because the blogosphere is too overcrowded with blogs that posts every time a certain mobile phone manufacturer released a product (or a new version of it). Common knowledge also tells me that technology is not just about smartphones. Blogs labeled as 'technology blogs' shouldn't just focus on phones. Or they should just categorize their blogs as a mobile or gadgets blog. 

I defy redundancy pt.2: Tutorials and How-Tos. I'd rarely post Tutorials and How Tos like how to open a new link in a new tab sort of thing. C'mon. There's the giant G. You can do the search. Unless I discovered the process myself, or I have my own technique, you wouldn't see me post these things often. Most articles you will read on L-I are those you might not have been heard before, overflowed with a soup of ideavirus. I also post reviews here.

Vision Mission Geekion

Loading-Info targets a wide range of audiences (geeks or non-geeks) so I'll try to use understandable words and will explain every jargon I used on every post. There is always the giant G in case there are unexplained jargons I missed. L-I will cover articles where you can share your thoughts so feel free to overuse the comment box if needed. Don't worry. L-I bot only bites spam.

As you can see, L-I is under the .blogspot domain. We bought our domain! Details here. I love BLOGGER. Why, you ask? Well, I've been thinking of converting my blog into a Wordpress blog because of many disadvantages I read and heard...

Some say that Blogger blogs are considered Splogs (Spam Blogs). Hmmm... Mine is not a spam blog, or is it? Tell me!
Some say Google will just delete your blog someday. This is one of the things I've been fearing but I'm confident as long as I do not violate any of their policies.
Some say hosting a Wordpress blog is better. I know that Wordpress is better on some parts. You have your own hosting, you own every right on your blog, etcetera etcetera.

But there are some of the things I just love about Blogger such as:

The community. When I hop on other blogs, I can say that whenever I stumbled upon a Wordpress blog, it seems too critical to mingle with. It's like they're the serious guys and you just don't know the extremeties you can do on their blog. On a Blogger blog, it's like hopping into a party where everyone is invited. :D
It's FREE. Yay! You don't need to worry about the hosting costs. I know that for some, hosting costs are just as cheap as watching a 3D movie on cinemas, but if you can get a free hosting under Google, why not?
I have the reason to put as many widgets as I want. On a Wordpress blog, I feel like you're obligated to make your blog look clean by just putting the standard widgets such as the Like box, and what else? Hmm... On the other hand, people will think that it's normal to have many widgets on a Blogger blog.

By the way, I'm planning to purchase a domain name as soon as possible~ Stay tuned. ☺
Yay! L-I now has its own domain: the.loading-info.net Read more about this>>

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Geekfully yours,
The L-I Headmaster


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