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The Bob & Rosemary Blog Shows Solutions To Networkers

Bob and Rosemary started a blog last September 2009. This blog is about establishing your online business, leveraging your time and sources to make the most out of your business, tips about personal development, and attracting success to your life. Sounds promising. Let's see.

I always post my comments regarding the layout first. But this time, I'll comment about them later on this post as I find the contents more interesting.

Their About page has so much to tell. It's like an outline of the story of their lives plus its connection to why they started their business on Network Marketing.

Of course, they have encountered struggles, like most businesses do. There was once when Ms. Rosemary had a breast cancer. And when Google turned down their site.

All of these had challenged them and gave them more strength. Now, it's their turn to help others by giving advices on how they would survive this challenging world of Networking and be the superman and superwoman of your own business.

There's a thing about their posts that made them interesting to read. I was reading Dr. Bob Clarke's recent post "5 Reasons Why I Don’t Comment On Your Blog" and it brought up some of my ideas on fire. Not just because most bloggers can relate to the topic, but because of the stand he's holding - which is slightly opposite of some of mine. The post reflects what he wants to tell his readers.

Another post titled "It Can Wait Until Tomorrow, Right?" is also fond to read. Most of the contents, we already know but we always forget about them. It's like a reminder to us that postponing things wouldn't do better as we postpone success itself.

He also mentioned some tips on his post "How To Drastically Improve Your Blog Popularity on 60 Days." I was quite cynical about posts that set time duration such as this. E.g. Be a better blogger in a week, etc. But on this post, he made an example of their blog. So it's not just some other invented titles to capture the attention of the readers. And mind the word 'drastically,' he really made good use of that word.

I also liked how they make the categories sound creative on their navigation menu. They were like one-liner messages that sums up what they can get from reading the posts under each of the categories.

On to the layout...

You might notice that the color combination used on the blog is shades of blue, red, white, and black (and gray). When I landed at the page I think there's something wrong with the colors. No, I'm not a color specialist if there's someone like that, but I think red and blue is not a good combination.

Also, I noticed something about their header.

The editing is fine. And the photos are fine. The background effect is fine, too. What I didn't like about this is the typography. Plus, the effects they used on the texts. As I said, I think red and blue don't go well together. While searching about this color combination on Google, I stumbled upon lyrics from a song of Lady Gaga. (I didn't know this song and wasn't aware of it.) Curious I was, I looked at the lyrics and on one part it goes like this...

Yeah I am red, you are blue
I'm old school and you're so new
- "Red and Blue" by Lady Gaga

I guess even Lady Gaga thinks it's not a good combination. Well, I don't want to emphasize on the colors. The header is clean. I guess the design is way too '90s Web (the era before Web 2.0) that's why I quite don't like it.

Anyways, another thing I recommend for them to do is to fix their RT widget.

Since there's already a link to the post, the text there is unnecessary. They could keep it if they want but as we all know, Twitter only gave us 140 characters. Instead, they should input @BobandRosemary so they'll be notified when someone Retweets their articles.

Despite all my comments about the layout, their contents are top-notch. Not to mention it's a dofollow blog. It is worth participating on the discussions.

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