Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mallory on Travel Adventure, Everyday!

Let's take a break from blogs about money and marketing, here's one refreshing blog for you. Mallory on Travel is a travel blog by a former member of the Armed Forces, Mr. Iain Mallory. What you're about to see aren't just photos of landscapes and beautiful sceneries. Get ready for one pack of a hell wild adventure.

His blog is one minimalist, journal type, photography, travel blog. I noticed that while browsing through his older posts I can only view 2 posts per page. It could be that he doesn't like scrolling. But most users doesn't like clicking to the next pages so many times. :/

Browsing through his posts is like traveling to the places as well. One particular post I liked is "All Rhodes lead to going Solo." Without even reading, I enjoyed the post because of the photos he included. I myself would want to travel to Greece to see these structures myself.

However, I noticed something about his Slugs.

It's so long! Haha. I noticed this while copying the link to my previous paragraph. I know that it's for SEO purposes but it's weird to have a URL as long as that. Anyways, the longest possibly URL we can make is up to 263 character. Why not make use of all, right? Good tactic, Sir.

Back to the posts... I also liked one colorful post of his which is titled "All Things Colour and Spice" where he posts photos of bright-colored spices and delicacies from bazaars on Egypt.

Of course when you travel, you eat at different food stops, and sleep at different places. Thus, he made reviews of restaurants he went to and hotels he stopped by. This would be great if you visit one particular place he visited. Just check out his reviews see for yourself.

As a traveler, he also does mountain climbing, water adventures, and other wild sports. And so he need to have high quality gears and equipment. For that, he also make reviews of the top gears he would recommend for an adventurer like him.

He is also an environmentalist. It can be seen on his post "Anthropocene Epoch - Our unwelcome 'viral' impact." You better read this one if you care what's happening to our planet. 

In conclusion, adventure isn't just about having fun. It carries a great responsibility not only to yourself but also to our only habitat. On the other hand, adventure isn't just about going to places and record what you did there. It's also about the experience you had and the short-term relationships you had with people you met on the process, which is all part of a great adventure.

By the way, if you meet Mr. Mallory somewhere be sure to treat him a drink!

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