Friday, July 8, 2011

A Health News A Day Keeps The Sickness Away

A Health Blog is obviously a blog about health. It posts Health & Fitness news in a daily basis. They say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I say, a health news a day keeps the sickness away. Agree?

Most people get sick because of lack of awareness and prevention. It's a good thing to be informed on the news about the latest research of cures and new discoveries.

This blog covers a wide variety of topics relating to our health. Just a hover on their menu and you will see...

These are the most common diseases and syndromes we encounter on our society. Getting informed about them will make a big difference.

The categories featured on their home page are as follows:

  • Nutrition - Nutrition is one of the major things that affects our health. It is always important to look at your diet and make sure that all the food and liquids you intake are good for your body.

  • Mood Disorder - Common mood disorders are depression, insomnia or sleeping disorder, anxiety, and other negative emotions we feel that affects our mood greatly.

  • Obesity and Weight Loss - Obesity is also one of the common problems in our society. Because of that, people tend to enroll to weight loss programs or buy weight loss pills. But, you should be informed of the great side effects of those. Why not resort to natural dieting instead of those chemicals that are foreign to our body? You might not notice the effects until the manifestation shows when you grow old.

  • Alzheimer's and Dementia - Also one of the most common conditions not just among the old folks, but also to young people. I've once heard a news about some celebrity I've been following. She's not that so close to me and she isn't even one of my favorites. But recently, she lost some parts of her memory. She together with her boyfriend struggled on how to bring back the lost memories. But I suggest they go to the doctor however the girl refuses. Being informed of the real condition is better than using your intuition.

  • Diabetes - Another common condition is diabetes. I believe we all know what this is and how to prevent it. Low sugar intake and healthy living. But are we up to the challenge? I myself am getting a little ignorant about this, I always love sipping a sweet hot coffee. But I guess the side effects will manifest when I grow old and I wouldn't like it. 

  • Stem Cell - This may sound foreign to a non-health personnel. Stem cell therapies are getting common these days because of the promising cure to diseases. Implanting stem cells can renew damaged cells. It has been used to help cure damaged lung cells caused by lung diseases, and other diseases. They also culture these cells to help with medical procedures.

If you want to be updated with their posts daily, they have a Toolbar you can install on your browser (except for Chrome users).

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