Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When All You Need Is Lists... Call For The Master Lister!

Sometimes, gathering information is often accompanied by boredom because of too much details swimming in front of you. There's Mr. Paragraph, waiting for you to slice him into sentences for you to see its body and understand its meaning. But worry no more ~ The Master Lister is here!

"All you need is lists," he speaks in a calm assuring voice. 

All You Need Is Lists is a blog by Mr. Sietse. All of the posts on this blog are listicles (list + articles). What's awesome about this site is how they use outstanding image designs on each post. I believe Mr. Sietse edited all the images by himself as they all look like it's been done by one artist.

Anyways, the blog design put me in awe. It's rare that I've seen a violet shade for a template (or theme for the Wordpress purists). The design is really awesome! I've seen the previous blog design from their About page and it is also of pure awesomeness. I really think Mr. Sietse is a great designer.

The blog has no definite niche. But they'll see to it that they only feature things that's interesting. Since this is about lists, I'll create a list of my favorite posts from them. The following are under the Technology category.

My Top 5 Favorite Lists from All You Need Is Lists:

#510 Things Web Developers Should Know About SEO

#4 - 5 Blogging Tricks: Building Traffic To Your Blog

# 3 -  5 Things To Know About The BlogEngage Contest

#2 - 10 Best and Shortest URL Shorteners

They also accept guest posts! What's amazing about this is that you just need to fuel your interesting ideas into action, submit a list of interesting things, and they'll even make images like those above for your guest post! Not to mention the exposure and the opportunity to show your awesomeness to the world.

Their commenting section is also a dofollow, which means that if you've been creative to contribute your ideas to their posts, and you get to post the most comments of the month, you'll be featured on their Top Commentators widget. (Backlink + Exposure!) 

I just noticed on their homepage that there is no Older post link below so I couldn't dive deep into the archives. I also can't find an Archive page.

By the way, it's the only blog that posts lists upon lists (upon lists...). Nested Lists, for the win! He's definitely one Master Lister.

Anyhow, check out All You Need Is Lists and tell us your Top 5 Favorite Lists in the comments section below. 

Keep the lists coming!

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