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Engage: The Blog - Do You Know What To Do With That Content?

One of the best characteristics of a blog is being influential. After reading just a few articles from Engage: The Blog, some of my ideologies which I have been sticking to for so long have been brought to a battleground. 

Engage: The Blog is a multi-authored blog by TMG - The Magazine Group, Inc. It focuses on content management, content creation, strategies, ideas, innovation, anything related to content marketing.

I cannot comment any longer regarding the design because the contents are nicely put - a magazine-type layout. Plus, how could they enumerate the navigation while making it look awesome at the same time?

Without further ado, let's now talk about how it is an essential part in writing and publishing your contents that you think of not just the before and the present state of it (the planning and writing parts, respectively) but how you would deliver it to your targeted audience.

Lifecycle of the thing called 'Content' (based from Engage's categories):
  1. Strategy
  2. Creation
  3. Management
  4. Distribution
  5. Measurement
Why I called it a lifecycle when a 'cycle' needs to go back to start after the last part...

Do you believe that ideas are born from other ideas? If yes, then that's the answer. If you produce content, others will read it, or know about it. It depends on how you output your content. After the readers are entertained and/or are informed enough, something will be implanted on their minds. It could be unconnected thoughts that could go on forever floating on their minds. 

But we humans are creators. We always form something when we think - thoughts that are either related or unrelated. We always connect the dots. Most of the time, we just don't connect the dots - we could revise it or create another formulation from scratch.

Okay, so what does it have all to do with this blog?

Let me ungroup that lifecycle into individual parts.


In programming, coders do not spend most of their time writing the code; we do the brainstorming first before facing the screen and messing with the compiler. That's almost an analogy with content creation. This is where ideas find their home. Strategy first, action later.

Here are some of the articles from Engage which I recommend:


Now that you know what to do, it's time for the most exciting part of the content's life - it's birth to existence. This is where ideas reside on its home. Though it is the fun part, it's always the most crucial part.

To help with that, the following articles are a must-read for those who are struggling for writing the good-better-best content (whichever they wish):


Your ideas have moved into a new home. You have to fix the furniture! Erhm, I mean the structure. (And your neighbors - Are those included?)

Here are the things you need to know about your ideas' new home which we will now officially call content (yay!):


Your ideas just moved into your new home and you've already organized everything. It's time to tell your neighbors!


Now that your ideas are settled for good, it's time to see and analyze your home's.. err your content's status on your community the blogosphere, customers, or your intended audience. Make adjustments if you will.


Last but not the least, every content has its potential. This is that space between the end and the start of the lifecycle of a content. After ideas are well-created and well-distributed, it could lead to another ideas. Thus the creation of another content. 

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