Saturday, June 25, 2011

Get The Most Interesting News Only at News Mania

News could be as boring as hell. And news is consistent, and will always exist. Today there's news, tomorrow there'll be news. As long as there is time and humanity, there is news. Its repetitive existence and inevitability feed us whether we like it or not. 

Good thing, News Mania made it easy for you to chose only the news that's interesting. Enough of that price hike news, let's hear some cats bark.

Don't be confused with my example, this blog contains mostly serious stuff. It's just categorized the way you want it to be. If you want politics, visit only the politics page. If you want to read about arts, read the arts page. As so with entertainment and other major topics.

Now let's do a simple game. I'll rate News Mania based on the following criteria of an interesting news blog.

Criteria of an Interesting News Blog by Loading-Info

  • Up-to-date. A news is about current events. Most likely, an everyday reports about the current events. So it should be updated regularly.
  • Clean Interface. A cluttered interface would distract the readers from reading facts. Feeding them with so much on the screen will make the information they'll gain quite cluttered too.
  • Well-categorized. There's good news and there's bad news. But we need not to categorize it like that. Hence, it depends on the major topics we have such as politics, entertainment, and world events.
  • Readership. Of course, every blog targets a readership. Not plainly a readership, though. An active readership, we can say. A static readership are those who just subscribed to your blog once, but you'll never see them again.
  • Informative. It may sound so cliche but a news blog that lacks information is of no value at all. 
  • Equipped with Tools for the readers. Can you guess what they are? Sharing buttons, of course! What would be the value of a news if only you knew about it. Those buttons, no matter how tiny they are, are very important to blogs where sharing of the information is most likely.

On to the blog!

Is the posts up-to-date? Check.

Does it have a clean interface? The design is good. However, there is too much things around the post - the recent posts on the sidebar, plus other articles featured below the post. When viewing a post, these things much occupy the space of the screen than the post itself. So the decision? In between.

Is it well-categorized? Yes, they are. On the main page you'll see the latest posts per category for a quick glance.

How about the readership? Not quite. Most of their posts have no comments and have no Retweets, Likes, nor Plus Onesies. It would be a cool thing to make a Facebook fan page for the blog. Also, I've visited their Twitter and I'm the third follower. It would be cool if they make use of these social media and be active on them.

Is it informative? Heck, yes. On the home page you'll see the Breaking News part. Plus, the topics are so wide and they definitely have shared a wide variety of information for anyone who needs them.

Is the blog equipped with tools for the readers? Yes! There is the Like button, a Tweet button, and a Plus One button - a must have trio for every blog out there.

The result - *drumrolls please* A check, an in between, a yes, a not quite one, another yes, and another yes...

Interesting, indeed! But still has a room to be more interesting if they chose to. 

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