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How to Live Younger with Lorraine Maita, MD

How To Live Younger is a health blog by Lorraine Maita, MD - a physician with almost 18 years of experience on Internal Medicine and Preventive Health and Wellness. She authored a book titled "Vibrance For Life: How To Live Younger and Healthier". On her blog she shares health tips and information which benefits each one of us. Her goal is to help you live a long and healthy life. 

The book costs $14.95 and there's an excerpt to those who first want to take a peek at the book.

You are what you eat.

Agree? You do not have to turn to cannibalism for this quote. Yes you are yourself, but what composes your body is a part of who you are. And what you eat will eventually go into your body. What you take will be used to sustain you energy, maintain your body's natural structure, and fix all the damages. What you eat reflects you.

If you eat junk, you'll turn junk. No, Just kidding. :D If you eat unhealthy food, your cells will be unhealthy. They wouldn't be able to do the tasks assigned to them. That's why it's good to eat healthy so you look healthy. It's as simple as that.

On this blog you'll read a vast scoped topics related to health. Dr. Maita sometimes posts health information affecting the current events that took place. Its fully detailed post surely makes the citizens informed about the issue. Read: "Does Potassium Iodide Protect Against Radiation" - this is regarding the nuclear mishaps on Japan months ago.

I was always guilty with drinking coffee because of the many negatives I heard that drinking coffee (which contains caffeine) is bad for our body. But she listed down the benefits of drinking coffee! Read: "Coffee Mojo and Health" - of course, all things that are not moderately taken always possesses a great risk. But now I'm glad I'm now aware of the benefits of sipping into a cup of hot coffee. ♥

Often mentioned on this blog are the disadvantages of getting processed foods into our lifestyle. Read:

Also, I've always despised having fish for a meal. Because I have to remove all the fish bones and it's an overdetailed work for just a small quantity of fish meat. So I have no tolerance for fish. Plus, the smell will stick to your breath for so long. But after I've read a post about the benefits of eating fish for our brain, I think I would put more patience to it. Read: "Fishing for Brain Health – reduce depression and other disorders by eating more fish" - plus it decreases depression; I have to see that for myself.


Of course, nobody doesn't age as the time passes by. (What are you, a vampire?) We all grow old. In thermodynamics, we call it Entropy - from order to disorder. We all observe that. The seeds grow to flowers and they wither. Foods spoil. Things also become worn out after being used. What can we do?

Just like food, which we can prevent from spoiling easily, so does our body. (Another weird analogy here. *facepalm*) So what can we do to prevent our body from degrading so fast? Maintenance.

The solution is obvious: Eat healthy, exercise daily, have a proper lifestyle.

It's not enough to patronize the beauties on tv ads who are endorsing anti-aging products. C'mon, we all know what technology could do with these things. Though it is an important factor to maintain our outer look, we shouldn't forget the factors that affect the inner part. Remember the apple example where the outer part looks so shiny but when it was sliced the inside is full of worms. (Guys, prevent me from thinking another weird analogy...)

Now is the right time to start healthy living.

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