Friday, July 8, 2011

iLuLu Online: All Black Celebrity and Entertainment News Blog

If there is a blog exclusively for the black beauties and talents, this is it. iLuLu Online a an entertainment news blog about the latest and the freshest news about black celebrities, music, videos, films, and gossips. It was founded by Ms. LuLu from England who has traveled to the various parts of the world.

First thing I noticed was the logo. It looks awesome, but I think it looked like it was stretched out of proportion horizontally. I also noticed that the site is bombarded by ads. I believe it's a good tactic to put ads on entertainment blogs because aside from tech blogs, they're the most visited niche blogs. Plus, the number of their targeted audience, which is black people, are a great number also.

However, as I said, it is bombarded with ads. There's above the header, below the navigation menu, three on the sidebars with two of them covering the upperfold of the sidebar. Not to mention there is the InfoLinks links and related tags.

The blog is also three-columned. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but I believe when you browsed the blog in a lower screen resolution like the common 1024x768, it wouldn't look nice.

I also don't appreciate blogs with the Wibiya widget installed, that bar below the screen. When I browse I want the site to be seen as big as possible, so the bar below affects the viewing experience and so I have to scroll more than the regular without the widget. Also, the footer is messed up.

What I liked about the layout are the rating stars where the readers could vote for the quality of the post. It could be not because of the way the post was written, but the rating of the news or the featured artist. That could be. Since this is a news blog, there isn't really much work on the writer's part but to feature the facts and some multimedia like videos and photos.

What's also cool about a large layout like that is how the photos or videos could be browsed in a high resolution. Nothing could be more fascinating to a fan than a large photo of their favorite artists.

Another good trait I've seen on this blog is its regularity to post the freshest news. Since news blogs are the most required to be updated regularly, the administrator of iLuLu Online does a good job on keeping this site up with interesting contents.

However, since the most popular genre are Pop and Hip-hop, that's the dominance you would see on this blog. No rock, no metal. 

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