Friday, April 29, 2011

The Hello Bar: The Little Toolbar That Gets Noticed + 5 Invites

See that wiggling little arrow on the upper-right corner of this blog? That's The Hello Bar. 

UPDATE: I have removed it. It's been an awesome experience with the Hello Bar. ☺ But I occasionally need to change my blog's look every now and then.

UPDATE (again): I brought it back. :)

The Hello Bar is another innovative product by Digital-Telepathy, the team behind the SlideDeck. I first encountered The Hello Bar on a blog and to be honest, it's the first thing I noticed. It seems like there's something on that little toolbar that's saying "Click me or you're gonna miss something you don't wanna miss." There's a mental telepathy going on between the user and the toolbar. Is this what D-T does? Or is it their hidden power?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Exploring Flock Before It Bids Farewell

Flock, known as the social web browser, will be closing its doors to the World Wide Web on April 26. Flock was acquired by Zynga last January 2011. I haven't really used Flock before so I'm curious on how it functions. I installed Flock for this purpose only because I wouldn't have the opportunity to do this in the future.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Linux MultiMedia Studio: The Free Digital Audio Workstation

Whether you are in a band, a musical score composer, or simply a music-lover hobbyist aspiring to create music on your own, nothing beats a free software like Linux MultiMedia Studio. It is free and rich with features you thought to be only available on expensive audio-editing/mixing softwares. 


Monday, April 11, 2011

Toll Free Forwarding: Business Without Borders, Literally

Out of curiosity, boredom, and the desire to experience something unusual and adventurous, I searched for ways on how to get a US phone number without actually subscribing for one. Then I stumbled to and just like my regular sitehopping habits, I really don't give much importance to sites I haven't heard before. So I was just randomly checking this out. Since they have a Free trial and I need not to spend a dime, I signed up.

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