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We Blog Better - You Can Be a Better Blogger, too!

Every blogger dreams of being a better blogger. We Blog Better is founded by its previous owner Mr. Brandon Cox and now administered by Ms. Keisha Easley. This blog helps not just newbie bloggers but also those who are along the way and the pros as well.

This is the last featured blog on Loading-Info's BlogFest.

With over 4k subscribers, you cannot disagree to the fact that this blog had helped many bloggers on their blogging endeavors. I personally picked this blog to be the last blog I'll feature on BlogFest. As they say, Save the best for the last.

Why would I recommend this blog to every blogger out there?

I admit that I have encountered a bunch a ton of blogs related to blogging. They'll teach you anything from getting traffic, writing good content, to monetizing and marketing your blog.

I really liked the blog. From the layout, to the contents, and to the community. I believe they are worth getting distinguished around the blogosphere.

Lemme start with the writers. Ms. Keisha is the main writer on We Blog Better but the whole team composes of other great online publishers as well: Branicka Underwood from How To Blog Like a Star, Ms. Jane Sheeba from Find All Answers which I've had posted a review also, Ms. Hajra Khatoon from Hajra Kvetches, Ms. Rebecca Osberg from Social Media Writing Botique, and Ms. Linda Hewett from Positive Spin.

I'll pick my favorite posts from the writers and from the guest posts as well.

From Branicka: On the post "Why less is more: Apply a fashion rule to blogging," Branicka applied the fashion rule "Less is more." to blogging. 

From Ms. Jane: "Blog Posts – 4 Important Reasons To Revisit Those Old Posts" tackles about how it is important to dig into your archives and revive those old posts of yours.

From Ms. Hajra: Her winning post from We Blog Better's recent contest - "15 Reasons I am Breaking Up (with your blog!)" is a comprehensive listicle on how someone could be breaking up with your blog - that means, ending any relationship with you! No retweets, no trackbacks, no comments, no visits at all. Learn from this post to see if your blog is guilty to one of these reasons.

From Ms. Rebecca: Her post "3 Traits Every Blogger Should Possess" talks about the things almost all of us knows but we still need to be reminded of. The post "How One Simple Question Can Change the Course of Your Blog" provides a new philosophy to the bloggers who needs ideas to go on with their blogging career.

From Ms. Linda: "Why On Earth Would You Want To Waste Your Time Blogging?" is a witty post that will leave you thinking on the reasons why you are blogging. "How To Prevent Your Blog from Strangling You" is also another interesting post to ponder on.

From Ms. Keisha: On her post "Google Adsense: These Crumbs are for the Birds – or are they?" she shared about the first time she got Adsense and all the frustrations attached to it. The series "The Best Bloggers Are Natural Hackers Series Wrap-up" is also definitely one series you don't want to miss reading.

From Brandon Cox: Before his departure, he posted a series called "Five Dimensions for the Growth of Your Blog" - a series divided into 5 parts where he shared tips that are very important for every blogger to know. (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5)

From the guest posters: "10 Simple Keys to Becoming a Better Blogger" by William from GettingToThaPaper sums it all up.

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