Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Small Business Finance: Helping You GROW Your Business' Profits

A money tree. This is the most common symbol for a business which main goal is to grow its profits, making more money out of your business. Small Business Finance Forum Blog is not a place for those who wants to earn easy money in an instant. Despite that, they'll make sure your financing endeavors wouldn't be as boring as your typical finance advisor.

Well, I'm not saying that all finance advisors are boring. Finance is just a field too serious for common people. That's where Small Business Finance breaks the rules (well, there's really no rules but you get what I mean), they value fun. Fun fun fun. 

Having fun does not consequent that we don't take things seriously. We're just enjoying stuff. It is a fact that we humans became more productive when less stressed. And we tend to absorb more knowledge when we're productive. There's the chain reaction.

The Small Business Finance blog is founded by Ms. Nicole Fende last June 2010. The blog's main purpose is to inform business owners of everything they need to know about finance. No matter how we look at it, you cannot just disregard financial issues when you have a business. You can hire experts and professionals to take care of these things for you. But knowing what's inside the factory is better than not knowing anything at all. Besides, it's your business that's in there.

I've noticed that there are two headlines per post (yes, two) - the title and one before the jump link (or Read More). It's a good tactic to have included another headline as catchy as the title. You read the title, then the first paragraph, then another headline. That's making the Read More link more effective.

The sidebar is fine - there's the subscription area every blog must have, a quick glance of the contents of the blog (the 'about' widget), recent posts, categories, a mini search bar, and some affiliate banners.

I have a minimal knowledge regarding finance. All I know about it is that it deals about money, money, and money. It's mainly because I do encounter headaches whenever I see anything related to money because money is always spent. We do save it for a while but it ends up getting spent. And I don't like having to see if I'm spending too much. It bothers me.

But SBF made it simple for the readers to make the posts understandable, even for a little bit. Finance terminologies are sometimes (or most of the time, I think) out of this world. Money talks are even more difficult to manage if you know only a little about these terminologies.

Here's something for the beginners and startups:

My only suggestion is for the blog to make use of slugs, since the URL of the posts are like this: /?p=23, it would be harder for the search engines to find their posts. If they include the title of the posts on the URL (that means the main keywords used), it would be easier to get their posts ranked and for them to gain more readers.

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