Friday, June 24, 2011

Start Your Online Business NOW with Sales Maximus

It's not about making money. It's about starting your online business. This is mainly the message of Sales Maximus, a blog by Adarsh Thampy who has been blogging since 2005. He believes that plainly making money from Adsense and affiliate marketing is not enough, you should start your own business now. And they'll teach you how.

Ever encountered a point in your life when you worked so hard but only having minimal results? You've read hundreds of ebooks, enrolled to courses, watched tons of videos, and attended seminars but still - they're not enough?

Placing advertisements on your blog, gaining visitors, and waiting forever to get that cheque from Google. You try to make everything as awesome as what you have planned: writing killer posts, making friends with search engines, gaining some readership. But then you realized all these efforts only result to this? 

You woke up, and think of other ways to make a living. You've thought of creating a business of your own. But - you don't know where to start.

Sales Maximum offers something to you. (Oops, don't stop reading now because that offer is absolutely free.) An ebook! (Whaat? Another ebook?) Yes, it's an ebook. If you're tired of ebooks telling you things to be successful, just hold on to this one. 

It's a 43-page ebook for those who wants to start your own online business. If you already have a business, the second-half of the ebook is for you.

After reading the ebook I gained more understanding about the importance of preparation before execution. That it is indeed the most crucial part of establishing a business that you know what you want it to be and that you have both short-term and long-term plans. It's like building a house; if the materials, the blueprint, and the planning of the construction isn't well-organized, the foundation wouldn't be stable. And in years to come, you'll encounter problems that are more difficult to handle and solve. So it is (it really is) important to plan well before you get into the spotlight.

The blog covers mainly of tips to improve your or your business' presence online. That includes branding your business, blogging tips and advices, promoting and marketing your business, and more.

The only thing I suggest for them to do is build an archive page or show all the existing (or the important) categories on either the sidebar or together with the archive page, so the readers could easily dig into the archives if they want to. Or, if they're interested on only one topic they could easily jump into the posts about the topic.

Since they don't have that feature. I'll pick some posts I recommend per category I've came across the blog:

They also have this program called Blogging Buddy Campaign where you can sign up, promote your blog, and participate on other blogs in exchange. I just signed up, you could try it, too.

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